Free online content generators – Are they a safe bet?

Let us explore the efficacy of free online content generatorsavailable across the web.  A blogger has to inevitably be a multi-tasker with writing as his or her forte.  Writing a blog post sometimes proves to be a pretty tedious job.  You may more often than not run out of your creative juices for churning out posts after posts.  Moreso, when you have to remind Google regularly that your blog is active.

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Given the fact that you have to do a lot of things as a webmaster, you must be hard pressed for time. But does that provides you with a pretext for opting for one of the online content generators widely endorsed across the blogosphere?
While as a blogger myself, I may have some strong RESERVATIONS against its usage.  But I cannot shun them totally without giving them a try.


At the onset, let me gauge the cons that one may encounter if he/she is using them on regular basis. My inhibitions emanate from the benefits I have realised while writing my own contents.  They originate from the advantages I personally experienced for maintaining the originality of my posts.

#1     It is really difficult to produce original content out of your creative instincts.  You have to do a lot of research for giving the best to your audience.  In the process, you learn some valuable lessons.

But to be successful in any field, hands on experience is always better than something which is served prepared. Sane voices have maintained that wisdom is always better than invisible knowledge.

#2     The contents created by these online generators cannot be claimed as authentic ones.  Though they are often touted as SEO compliant, informative and updated, one should always check their veracity.

 This is because these tools may be giving you some outdated contents.  Or the tool makers may be hiring someone who is neither that good at writing nor is aware of the latest developments in your business.

#3     If search engines discover that your articles are products of some online content producers, they might penalise you for plagiarism or copying others content.  There are a handful of quality content producers.

But just ask yourself, is it possible for these tools to bring out 10 different contents for 10 same content requests.
Two recognised tools are co-owned by the same people. A query to one of them confirmed their ownership status.

#4     You can’t escape the ever-vigilant Google with a spun version of those auto-generated contents either.  Yes, I am sorry to bother you guys.  Suzzane Edwards in her post on spun articles opines that Google and other search engines are always on the hunt for such content.

#5      Blogging demands your creativity.  Your article must stand out in the scores of articles hitting the blogosphere every day.  You, therefore, have to increasingly depend on your ingeniousness.
And not on online article creators circulating the same content or its spun version to umpteen webmasters.

#6     There is an unexplainable joy in doing things on your own instead of taking help from others.  Can there be anything better than creating your own content and finding it on the first page of the SERP.
I reiterate the point that I want my peers to write their own content without resorting to any Black Hat SEO methods.  But I won’t advise you to do away with these free online content generators. There are some good tools out there.

They do provide you with some good contents albeit outsourced from others.  But don’t use their content both original or spun, in your posts. Before you hit the publish button, you should make a comparison with that of yours and initiate necessary changes.


The web world is replete with a number of online content generators.  Most of them come for a price.   Some of them boast themselves about being available for free.  As I write my own contents, I have never tried those paid tools.
However, just to have an experience, I decided to try those tools said to free for webmasters.
But surprisingly, most of the content generators are not free at all.  All they offer as free come as a free trial.  Their products are never original. When I Googled the very first line of one of such contents, I came to know about the origin of these auto-generated contents.


These tools have inbuilt software within which spin the articles for you. But how can you rely on them when these article generators can neither think nor perceive like humans.
Just to know about other’s opinion, I put up a question in Quora.  This is the response I got.

The issue of automated content generation has reached an alarming level.  While delving on the subject, Harsh of shoutmeloud fame has pointed out that there are many software, WordPress Plugins which generate such automated content for ad-sense blogs.
He maintains that Google has come down heavily on such blogs Google’s official stand in this regard is-
Fact: We don’t allow sites with auto-generated or otherwise unoriginal content to participate in the AdSense program. This is to ensure that our users are benefiting from a unique online experience and that our advertisers are partnering with useful and relevant sites.
As per Googles, Auto generated contents are never Adsense friendly.
Creating user-friendly articles is synonymous with producing informative, updated, unique, original, authoritative content (as Jen Van Iderstyne wants us to know in her post these tools can never produce.


So next time don’t fall prey to those catchy phrases like “amazing SEO article generator for optimising your website” reflecting in the meta description of these free online tools’ sites.  Be patient and exploit the opportunity for showcasing your writing potential.
 I have elaborately discussed the issue of using content from free online generators.  If you have some valuable inputs to make this post better, then please feel free to suggest.

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