Get Numeric ID Code of Your Facebook Profile or Page - 2019

Get The ID Code of Facebook Profile or Page

You may need this Profile or Page Id Many Times on Facebook. Many Facebook Features, Blogger, Wordpress or Other Widgets, In Facebook Developers Section etc. and all over the other needs you may have to give your facebook page/profile id code or Username.

So, the question is how to get the numeric id code of your facebook profile or page ? I think every facebook user is smart enough to get the Username of a facebook page or profile. Lets have a look on a page link.

The username of this facebook page is 'icc'.
But What if i need the numeric id code of this page ? How to get the numeric id code of a facebook page or profile ?

In this post, i'll show you a very easy way to find the id code of any facebook page or profile. So, without going more lengthy.. Lets see how to find or get the facebook id code of any profile or page.

How to Get the ID Code of Facebook Profile or Page

Follow the simple steps mentioned below and get the id code of your facebook page or profilevery easily.

1. Open your facebook profile or page and copy its web url.

It will look exactly like this, if it have a custom username set.

Whatever the value will be at 'USERNAME', Just Copy that Portion or Copy the whole URL.

2. Now go to - Click Here

3. After opening the web page, you'll see a box. Paste your USERNAME value or the full URL of Profile/Page.

3. Finally, Press 'find numeric id'

4. As soon as, you'll press 'find numeric id' button, a code will come as a output value, its your profile/page, just copy it carefully.

Now use it anywhere. Please note that this method is only for those pages or profiles, who have a custom username. Id code of Pages or profile without a username can be accessed very easily.

I hope that this article will help you to find out and get the numeric id code of your facebook profile or page. If you've any queries related to it, kindly drop a comment and dont forget to share it with your friends. :)

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