How to Browse Faster Internet on Opera Mobile

Most of the mobile internet users, specially who use 2G or 3G are suffering from slow internet today. The biggest problem is that there's no instant solution is available for such slow connections. Almost all the android and other smartphone users are using internet by many means. There are a lot of internet browsers are available for mobile like opera and uc. Do you know that we can customize the opera mobile browser to do fast internet browsing on opera. Yes, Opera has a feature to customize it according to your needs. I think many of you are unfamiliar with this method yet. Dont worry, In this post i am going to explain on how to browse faster internet on opera mobile.

In this post i am going to show a special configuration settings for opera browsers by which you can browser faster internet on your opera, even in slow connections. So, without wasting your time lets see how to implement this configuration in opera browser.

How to Browse Faster Internet on Opera Mobile

1. Enable Data, and Open Opera Mobile Browser.

2. Go to Write Adress box and Type - about:config

3. Now a menu will open on a new page with many option. Just change the default values according to the below mentioned values.

*Large placeholders for images. - (Default:Yes)

Make it - No

*Fit text to screen - (Default:Yes)

*Loading Timeout - (default:30)

Make it 20

[Before Uploading photo make it 3600]

*Site patches and user- agent masking - (default

Make it No

*Keep styling in RSS feeds - (default:No)

*Show feedindex - (default:Yes)

Make it No

*Fold linklists - (default:Yes)

Make it No

*Phone number
detection - (default: Yes)

*Minimum phone number length - (Default:7)

Make it 9

*Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts - (Default=No)

If you'll make it yes then you can see bangla but you cant get proper high speed of opera mini. If u want to make it yes then please download opera MOD version so u can see bangla with high speed browsing)

Thats all now just restart your opera and feel the speed. It will work even in slow connections.

So guys thats all under the topic browse faster internet on opera mobile. I hope that it will be helpfull for you. If you've any queries related to this post let me know via comments and bookmark this page to get latest tips and tricks to browse faster internet on opera.

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