How to Get a Backup of Blogger Template - 2019

Blogger is one of the best blogging platform on the web. It was launched by google to enhance the scope and skills of blogging. Blogger has attracted a large of people to blogging over it because of its amazing features and blogging techniques.

Beyond the Posting skills and strategies, every blogger want his dream blog with a particular look, he needs that everything on his blog that will be essential and according the readers expectations.

On blogger, you can publish your blog with a template and customize it according to your needs. You can edit that every part of your blogger template, by which you want to enhance the look of your blog. Even a lazy blogger loves to play with the template elements and html parts of the template. But what if something goes wrong with the editings ? What if something got missed with the editing of your blogger template and you lost all the customizations. Yes, its possible because every blogger is not smart enough to edit it according to his needs. You can lose the quality of your template elements and xml parts.
In this way, Blogger has introduced a feature of backing up your blogger template by which you can get a backup of your blogger template with the last edit. After getting a backup of your blog template, you can play easily with your template. If something goes wrong with the editings and customizations, you can upload that backup and get your blog's perfect look. So, now covering that How to Get a Back Up of Your Blogger Template. Please Go through out the steps and learn, how to get a backup of your blogger template easily.

How to Get a Backup of Blogger Template - 2016

1. Go to blogger dashboard
2. Select a blog to get the backup of template
3. Click on Template from the left table.

4. Click on Backup/Restore.

After it a pop up will open and now click on download full template option.

And thats it. a backup file of your blogger template will be downloaded to your hard disk in your drive.

I hope that this tutorial will help you to get a backup of your blogger template easily. If you have any questions in your mind do let me know via comments, i would love to assist you there. dont forget to share it with your friends, Happ to Help winked

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