how to make chrome dark mode android

Dark mode has stealthily rolled out to Google Chrome's Android variant as part of the latest updates to the app. Finally, we can all look a little more comfortably at our phones, particularly at night, without allowing for nighttime reader modes or other configurations... And I guess it's also useful for battery life.

Enabling the dark mode of Chrome on Android requires a few additional measures than one might expect, however, as the function is still being tested technically and not complete, so there are going to be some bugs for now. That said, we're happy that the function is lastly available — read about how to do it.

how to enable chrome dark mode android

#1 First, you'll need to run version 74 or greater of the Chrome Android app to display the dark mode option in Chrome's environments. You can test the version of your app and download the latest Google Play Store update. Do the following after you have been correctly updated.

#2 Type "chrome:/flags" in the URL bar in Chrome.

#3 This will bring you to the flag settings of Chrome, which we will need to tweak to see the dark mode option in the environments of Chrome.

 #4 Tap the search bar on the flag page and search for "Android Chrome UI dark mode," which should take you directly to the right environment of the flag.

#5 Tap the drop-down box of the flag and switch the configuration to "enabled" from "default," then restart Chrome.

#6 Tap the dot menu button when the app is reopened, then go to Settings > Dark Mode. Tap the slider and Chrome should switch to its fresh dark theme automatically. If after enabling the flag, you don't seem to be able to discover the dark mode environment, attempt restarting the app (the option may take a few refreshments to show up).

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