How to See Hidden Friendlist of Your Facebook Friends

How to See the Hidden Friendlist of Your Facebook Friend

Have u ever tried to see the friend list of your friend ? Ofcourse.. Even i have tried it many times. But what i found ? My friend had implemented the privacy of 'only me', so that no one could access his friend list. Do you know that by using a little tricky process you can see your facebook friend list and friends. You dont have to hack any feature and even dont have to use any type of software. So, without going long lets discuss on this trick.. 

How to See the Hidden Friend List of Your Facebook Friend ?

1. First of all, you have to create a fake account. Sorry, but you must have to do it.

2. After the account creating process, send a friend request to that particular person of whom you want to see the friendlist.

Now coming to the main thing. If you failed to complete the process 2., then the next steps are just meaningless for you. If he/she accepted your request then move forward to the next steps. [dont add other friend except that particular]

Do you know that as per facebook algorithms if you are a new facebook user and browsing the facebook users suggested by facebook, then believe me that are of your friend's friendlist. :D

3. So, you have that person in your friendlist of whom you want to see the friendlist.
Now Go to the Find Friends Tab and Go to this Link - Click Here

And Thats All, A List of Suggested Friends Will Be Appear. These are the friends of your facebook friends list. I assure you that it will be correct upto 95%.

I hope it will help you to access the friend list of your facebook friend, even it has helped me a lot of times to see the hidden friendlist of facebook friends.

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