How to Set Your Whatsapp DP Without Cropping

How to set Whatsapp Profile pic or Dp without Cropping ?

Whatsapp is one of the best messeging app Because of its killer and attractive features, its a very popular app now a days.

As per the whatsapp terms and rules you can't set your whatsapp profile picture (dp) without cropping. You must have to crop your dp while setting it on whatsapp. The logic behind this feature is that whatsapp accepts a specipic resolution of dp only. Then the matter is how to set your whatsapp dp without cropping ? The solution is here. Yes, in this post i am going to discuss on how to set your whatsapp dp (profile pic) without crop.

How to Set Your WhatsApp Profile Picture without Cropping

We will use a android app and that will fix the size and resolution of existing dp. There are my Android apps in android market to make your pic square, but i'll recommend you to use SquareDroid App. This app will make you pic fixed according to the needs.

About SquareDroid App -#SquareDroid is a simple no crop tool that allows you to post full size photos on Instagram or WhatsApp, without any need to crop them. SquareDroid allows you to use Instagram and Whatsapp without cropping your full size pictures.

Steps to Set Your Profile Pic on WhatsApp Without Cropping it ?

Follow the Below Steps and set your whatsapp and instagram dp without cropping

1. First of All Download SquareDroid App and Install it.

2. After Installation, Open the App and You'll see a menu, Select Pick a Photo option and pick a pic that you want to set as dp from gallery.

3. As soon as you'll pick a photo, App will automatically resize it accordingly.

4. Go to whatsapp and put the resized pic in profile pic change and thats all.

The Quality of pic wont lose and you'll get your whatsapp dp without cropping.

I hope this article will help you to set your whatsapp dp without cropping. Please share it with your friends and drop your comments whether it worked for you or not. Happy to Help :)

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