Know About Importance of Meta Description

About Meta Description

The Meta description is also an essential component of onsite website optimization. Meta description contains the information which a search engine receives about a page it is considering to return as a search result. It is the HTML attribute that provides concise explanation of the content of a webpage, explains about the page displayed on the search result and appears as the snippet of text which you usually see below the title in the search result. It is very important to put an appropriate and good Meta description to tell the search engine about the page as well as engage maximum visitors to get into the page

Meta Description Guidelines:
  • Descriptions should be written with a marketing style of writing
  • Descriptions should be between 25 and 40 words
  • Descriptions should include all targeted keywords for that page and should be unique for each page.
  • Meta Descriptions are placed in the code in the head section, but you can also place the same description in your footer area so that it's visible on the page as well.
Example of Meta description:
Usage : <meta name="DESCRIPTION" content="This page is about wrestling rhinos. It describes their best wrestling punches."></meta>
Here, "This page is about wrestling rhinos. It describes their best wrestling punches." will appear as a snippet below your click-able title, provided the incoming search terms are included in this description without over-stuffing.
Why Meta description is important?
Meta description tags are highly important in achieving user click- through from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). These short paragraphs are employed to advertise content to searchers and let them know about the content of the given webpage with respect to their query what they put in the search engine. The Meta descriptions must use the keywords in an efficient and intelligent manner in order to compel the searcher to click on the site. The descriptions should be directly relevant to the content of the page and should contain content between 150-160 characters.
To increase the traffic of your business, you should add the keyword in Meta descriptions but never overload the Meta descriptions with keywords. Doing so, the tags get penalized which affects the ranking.

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