Learn how to reduce bounce rate of a website & increase its ranking

We take a lot of pain to write and publish a post.  Yet, after working so hard, we get dejected when we don’t get the right amount of attention we deserve. Yes, friends, I am talking about bounce rate.  That is when your visitors just peep into your post and leaves just like a rocket firing all cylinders to exit the atmosphere.
When this happens frequently, your bounce rate keeps shooting up.

And when you get to know about their behaviour, you feel sad.  Now that boils down to many things.  It could be that your site content was not engaging.  However, I will not be discussing how to make it engaging.
But, there are other attributing factors which if not taken care of will lower only your site rankings.
In this post, let us dwell on how to reduce bounce rate of a website.


REDUCE UPLOADING TIME OF YOUR BLOG –Unless yours is a well-known blog, people won’t be that patient with you.  If your site takes more than 21/2 secs to upload, then the audience will obviously move to others in the same space.
Honestly speaking, famous blogs actually take lesser time to upload. This is because established bloggers have been careful about this.   They are particularly aware of the behaviour of their audience who are infamous for being very impatient.
That is evident from their reading habit.  You know they never actually read.  They actually scan.
So how can you expect them to be patient when your site takes a long time to appear.
Let’s come to the point.  One can counter this problem by exploiting the availability of CDN.  CDNs act like subordinate servers which dole out a cached version of web pages for distant visitors.
CDNs (Content Distribution Network) considerably reduce uploading time of a site.  Therefore, prospects who would have turned their back on you are more likely to stay on pages supported by CDNs.
How to reduce bounce rate of a websiteYou may also prefer reducing unnecessary load from your site, e.g. reducing image size, trashing useless contents, weeding out useless plug-in.  This will surely increase the speed of a site.


Web readers are infamously known to scan web content.  I have mentioned that in the previous paragraph.
If you closely observe, you will find that the number of hours invested in preparing a content does not matter much to them.  This actually happens when your content is said to have poor readability.  Therefore, you have to unavoidably lay stress on your readability.
To improve your readability score, you must ensure the following:-
  • Use bigger fonts in your posts.
  • Write in short sentences instead of writing long ones.
  • Don’t write lengthy paragraphs.  Break your content into smaller paragraphs.  Each paragraph should contain not more than 2-3 sentences.
  • You should not be using hard words, phrases which your audience find hard to interpret.  Always use simple and easy language.
I have written a post on this issue before.  You can know more about how to improve your readability score here in details.
WRITE ENGAGING CONTENTS  This is a vital factor which also contributes to your site’s bounce rate.  If you are not churning out engaging posts, then people will obviously leave your site early.
You should, therefore, always ensure that your site’s contents are informative, concise, to the points.  Always weed out unnecessary or spam comments as they reduce your content’s quality.
Write in a story telling manner.
Also, make sure that you use relevant images midway through the running text to amplify your content.
Besides this, you should also update your contents from time to time.


Looks to a great extent matter.  This probably is the compelling truth with all the famous blogs around.  If you have a look at ProBlogger or briandean.com or any other famous blog, you can differentiate them with ordinary ones.
A blog with an ordinary theme may fail in keeping visitors engaged.  So, good content alone cannot do the magic.  You should have a good theme which makes your site look nice.
Just see how good is Problogger.com in appearance.

A good theme reduces bounce rate
EXPLOIT SOCIAL MEDIA TO GET TARGETED AUDIENCE – Sometimes visitors from search engines are not your target audience.  The fall out of the same is that irrelevant visitors will not take interest in your content.  However, Social media sites like facebook, twitter help get targeted audience.
In this regard, I want to mention the role played by Twitterati to get you your goal.  Each time you tweet using hashtags(#), your chances of getting noticed increases.  I have personally observed this trend.
You also have the option of personally approaching account holders who otherwise would have given a cold shoulder.

In today’s hectic world where people are hard pressed for time, mobile searching has seen a steep rise.  People like to surf the web while they on the move.
You, therefore, have to unavoidably optimise your site for mobiles also.  This is only to ensure that visitors experience a hassle free navigation throughout your site.
Besides, Google has made it official that sites which are not AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) complied will be awarded a lower ranking.
Starting April 21, 2015, Google Search will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This 
change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in Google Search 
results. Users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results optimized for their devices.


Every webmaster should keep a tab on visitors’ behaviour.  That is to say, you should always check how long they spent their time on your site.  The longer time they spend, the better.  This is an important on-page signal for Google to rank your site.  So, make it a point to check your Google Analytics accounts from time to time.


As told earlier, apart from lowering your ranking, your site also loses some genuine opportunities for converting leads into sales.  That really hurts because you are in the blogosphere to make some money.  Not to just while away your precious time.
If you know about any more ways of reducing bounce rate, please go ahead and suggest.  I would like to include them in this post to enlighten my readers.

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