What is android rooting and how to easily root android devices?

When we talk about android rooting we actually mean jail breaking a mobile phone, tablet or any other device running on the android. By rooting an android device the user can install unapproved apps, to attain the privileged control which is commonly known as rooting system over various android devices. Basically the android device uses the Linux kernel, and rooting an android device will give similar access to the administrative permission like Linux gives the access to its super users, same is in other operating systems such as OS X and FreeBSD.

Why to root?

In generally the user which wants to overcome the limitations set by the carrier or the device company who have manufactured the android device. Such as the system applications and settings and any other changes whose permission is not accessible to the normal and cannot be changed or accessed because that needs administrator level permissions , but when the user root the device it gives the user full access for this. Rooting also gives the permission to download and install unauthorized applications to the device, these applications cannot be install until rooting the device.

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On android the device rooting also gives the full access to completely remove or change the operating system of the device, to the latest operating system available.  Like we are operating on android jelly bean, but we want to install and replace it to the android kit Kat, so for this we need to root the phone and get access and permissions to do so.
Although android rooting seems to be very easy to do process but it is very much risky if you are not following the proper instructions and the result may comes up to a device without operating system or a corrupted operating system which cannot be removed, so when you actually plans to root your device you should keep this in mind.

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How to easily root android devices?

If we will search or ask how to root an android device, we will come across many different answers, there is not just a one way to root the android device, the basic method of rooting the android device actually involves the use of command prompt and development interface which is known as ABD (Android Debug Bridge), this method is very much accurate but requires better knowledge because the user itself changes the settings.
There are also other ways to root the phone which involves the use of applications, these applications are self directional, they understands the need of the user and root the android device automatically on just one click, these applications can be downloaded from the internet easily and after installing it to the PC or device it can root the phone.
Using the application to root seems very much easy but this requires high attention and fair selection of the application because device of the same model can have different configurations and if the application doesn’t support the device it can result in bricking the phone.

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