What is the best free keyword search tool for webmasters in 2019?

Today, I have a question, friends.  What is the best free keyword search tool for beginners, webmasters in 2019? Even in the recent past, this question didn’t bother us.  Webmasters were happy with their own preferences.  Some liked Google.  Some preferred third party search tools.  But as you know, Search Engine giant Google is famous for coming up with one nasty surprise after another.  And this time around, it has come up with one of the nastiest surprises.  In fact, it can be called darn nasty.

Google previously used to show the exact number of searches each and every keyword had.   But, now, Google is classifying its searches under three categories.  These are -, 10-100 and 100 to 1k, 1k to 10k.  These results in the older version were 10, 20, 30, even 14000, 15000 etc.

Needless, to say, webmasters used these data to know all about the most searched keywords in Google.  These data also let webmasters, bloggers to help choose amongst scores of keywords from Google.  They received insights like if they stand a chance to rank for a keyword.  The exact figures of search history reflected therein come handy at this end.  Bloggers go for keywords which don’t have that competition.  Or have a search history of 10 monthly searches.
But Google is not making such data available now.  Therefore, a question inevitably triggers in our mind.  Has Google dethroned itself with this sort of alteration? While the main reason behind the change is not known.  The most common opinion widely shared is Google did not like its Adword Tool used for extracting keywords.

Many in the blogosphere were die hard fans of Google.  Still many more, preferred third-party tools over Google Keyword Planner.  Because GKP did not provide what these third party tools furnished.  And that is why today, we find SEMRUSH, LONG TAIL PRO are personal favourites of Harsh Agarwal and Kulwant Nagi.
So, we should take stock of the scenario around and join the discussion on what is the best free keyword search tool in 2016.


GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER – Let me begin me with the best search engine we have around today – GOOGLE ADWORD-KEYWORD PLANNER.  Basically meant for the advertisers, the tool reflects bidding cost of keywords.  However, webmasters have profusely used this tool for extracting keywords.
Information provided by this tool are
     (i)     Monthly Searches – Exact number of searches are not shown anymore.
     (ii)   CPC
     (iii)   Keyword/phrases/long tail keywords
     (iv)   Competitor’s keywords
  JAAXY.COM – This is a nice tool.  It provides vital information on keywords.  What we can get from JAAXY are
     (i)     Monthly Searches – Exact number of searches against every keyword
     (ii)    CPC – Not provided
     (iii)   Keyword/phrases – The tool provides long variants of keywords.
     (iv)    No of searches your site will receive, if your site appears in the 1st page of SERP
     (v)    QSR – No of the sites competing for the keyword you want to rank for.  Low QSR means a good probability of           ranking in the first two pages.
     (vi)   SEO Power – SEO Power is actually indicative of the keyword difficulty of a given keyword.
You can, therefore, see how this tool provides more information like keyword variants etc.  These attributes only make this tool a must have one amongst the webmasters.  And obviously a strong contender for the best free keyword tool in the business.
This online keyword search tool doesn’t come free.  However, you can enjoy its features by signing up for free.  You will be entitled to 30 free keyword searches through this tool.  I myself have used this tool for more than 30 times.  I did this signing up from different IP addresses and using different emails.

WORDTRACKER  – This site is paid keyword search tool.  However, it does provide  5 free trials which bring it in the reckoning for the best free keyword search tool around.  Free version of this tool provides information under four categories – search volume, count of web pages in which the keyword appears both in the title and text of backlink, keyword competition, Keyword Effectiveness Index.
Besides, SERP preview for a search term, Amazon suggestion, and Youtube suggestion are also furnished.  Competitor keywords are not made available in the free version.

UBERSUGGEST – This is an all time favorite of many bloggers.  And it is totally free.
      (i)     Monthly Searches – Exact number of searches against every keyword
     (ii)    CPC – information on Adsense CPC is provided.
     (iii)   Keyword/phrases – This tool provides a wide variety of long tail keywords.
As this tool is a free product, it has its own limitations.  Obviously, a tool available for premium can make more facilities available.  So, all those information on the number of searches your site will receive if you rank on the first page of SERP, the number of sites competing for that keyword, SEO power reflecting keyword difficulty etc are not furnished by the tool.

In spite of all these, Ubersuggest commands enough respect from the blogging community.  Because of the good number of variations of long tail keywords it doles out.   Even paid users of keyword research tool also regularly use Ubersuggest to source new long tail keyword variations, get fresh blog topic ideas.

If you want to know more, read about Ubersuggest keyword toolhere.
SERP.Com  This is a unique keyword suggestion tool.  It provides a large number of keywords and that too across different subjects.  For example, when I sought suggestions for seed keyword “Keyword”, the tool gave around 2000 suggestions.

Usually, its close cousins like Ubersuggest will cover two or three niches like blogging, content management, online marketing.  But SERP.com did provide keywords on a wide variety of topics like computer programming, geography which made it a cut above the rest.  Therefore, this is a must have tool for the webmasters.

ANSWERTHEPUBLIC  It is true that there are numerous free third party tools online.  And as they are free, you should not expect them to include such features as are found in paid versions.  However, there is one tool that makes the difference.  The keyword suggestions make excellent content ideas as they address the search intent of searchers.  Also, they come for business sites.  I have written a detailed review on Answer the public tool.


Now, let me analyze the above-mentioned  tools  feature wise.
Monthly searches & CPC – Google has stopped showing the exact number of searches & CPC.  Ubersuggest, Jaaxy, Soovle still provides them.  But Jaaxy without CPCs.  Answer the public won’t provide bulk information in this regards.  Only search history & CPC relating to a specific keyword is shown.  So, this a downside for the tool.  SERP.Com does not show at all.

Keywords – Keywords variations are provided by all the tools.  While Answerthepublic, Ubersuggest specializes in furnishing out of the box suggestion, Google Keyword Planner provides generic keywords.  These needs to be worked upon.

But the very feature which makes the GKP a cut above the rest is that it provides competitor’s keyword which neither Ubersuggest, Soovle and Anserthepublic do.  It shows the post details and the keywords for which the post is ranking for in the SERP.  Jaaxy and SERP.com make this feature available in their paid version of the tool.  So, where can you get such comprehensive information about your rival.  That too for free.
Besides, Google may not be revealing the exact number of search history as before.  But when you google a query, the free keyword planner shows the search history and CPC in the bar below the browser.  Also, the related keywords at the bottom reveal both history and CPC.
Earlier, Google used to give such information on a large number of irrelevant keywords.  That does not make any sense now when the tool is giving details on certain relevant keywords.  Take a look at the screenshots below.

So, in the light of the above, what is the best free keyword search tool post alterations in GKP.  Obviously, Googles still reigns.  Any second thought, folks.

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