How to get voice feedbacks and Comments from your blog Readers

Maintaining proper Feedbacks and Comments of a blog is one of the proven way to keep up a good relationship with clients and Readers.Your Readers or clients wish to interact with you through comments or other contact details.95 out of 100 websites use commenting,Email and social media as their contact medium.If you are looking for something different and rarely used contact medium,then you should take a look at Voice Feedbacks.

Voice comnents and feedback for blog reader

Speakpipe is the web application service helps publishers and website owners to receive voice feedbacks and comments from visitors.Using this service makes your clients to easily contact you and leave feedback in their own voice.

Speakpipe is free service with limited features.You can get more features also with their premium services.For small publishers and small bloggers free account is good enough.You will get a clean dashboard with all received voice feedbacks.It requires no sign up or anything from your readers to send you voice messages.

How To Add and Use Speakpipe in your Blog ?

This service is supported by all major blogging platforms.First you need to create an account in and then you will get a custom code which you need to install in your blog.Then your readers will be prompted with the pop-up window where they can send voice messages to you.You can track the page address where they used to send their feedback.Announce

If you are using WordPress then you can use their Plugin.But to activate this plugin you should have the Speakpipe account.One advantage with this plugin is you can add or remove this service without editing your template code.

Link to Plugin : SpeakPipe

After installing this service Surely you will get more feedbacks than before.But most of those feedbacks are probably spam and your visitors may just curious to use the service.If you are providing some services and really wish to receive feedbacks from your clients then only use this service.You can use this service for conducting surveys also.You will surely get good response from your readers because sending voice feedbacks is easier than mailing and commenting…

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