Introduction to Domain Authority : How to Check DA Rank of Blog

DA Rank is the Ranking system founded by SEOMOZ.Domain Authority is based on more than 40 factors including MozRank,MozTrust and Backlinks.Moz’s Domain Authority tells how a blog or website will perform on Google search Results.If your blog is performing well in Google Search results than surely your blog will have some Ideal Domain Authority Score.This Rank updates regularly and it is not lazy as Google Page Rank.

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How Domain Authority Rank will be Calculated ?

This Rank is calculated with reference from more than 40 factors like MozRank,MozTrust,Link back to the Root Domain,Link Profile and other factors.Each of these factors will have the impacts on DA score.This system uses almost all factors which Google refers to sort in their search Results.After all DA score shows how competitive is your blog in Google.

They score Domain Authority for 100 Points.As Moz Explains “it’s easier to grow your score from 20 to 30 than it would be to grow from 70 to 80.”As higher is the DA score,that much competitive is your content on Google search Results.

How you can Improve DA Rank of your Blog ?

Most of the time Google consider old domains as Trustworthy,So age of domain matters for your blog.In the official page of Domain Authority they have preferred more on Backlinks of blog.So it will be the main factor for DA Rank.According to them If a blog is indicated by many other blogs means that blog will have the genuine and trustworthy content.So they will take links as serious factors.To improve DA Rank you can build more links using Blog commenting and Guest Posting on High PR sites.

They have not given any ideal rules for improving DA Rank but If you are blogging genuinely and building links from high PR sites means your DA will automatically improves.This Rank shows whole performance and SEO of your blog.The best and suggested way to improve ranking is focusing on Backlinks and improving the MozRank and MozTrust.

How to Check Domain Authority Rank of your Blog ?

To check Domain Authority you can use their very own Moz ToolBar.I do used this toolbar but this was consuming lot of space in my browser so i removed this one.If you are not interested in Installing Toolbar to your browser here are some online tools where you can check Domain Authority of Blog.These tools also used for checking other Ranks like MozTrust,MozRank,Backlinks etc…

Tools to Check DA Rank : OpenSiteExplorer ,Mozcheck ,Moonsy ,Bulk Domain Check

If you have the domain name like or then you will not get a DA score for your blog.As of now Domain Authority score is only available for custom domains only.

You can use any of these tools to check your DA Rank.According to me this one will have a great impact on Google’s Page Rank system.Page Rank updates for thrice or 4 times in year but this updates regularly and since it is calculated for 100, Ranking will be justified for genuine Blogs.

Have you checked your blogs Domain Authority Rank ? What do you think about this New Ranking system ? Do share your opinions with your valuable comments.. 

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