Top 5 Killer tips to improve Alexa Ranking of New Blog

Alexa Ranking is a Rank of the blog or website given by the Alexa Network, On the basis of Traffic.In blogosphere this ranking holds a very important role.Because most of the Advertisers and guest bloggers refer this rank before buying ads and posting on your blog.In other words this rank shows the reputation of your blog in blogosphere.That’s why every blogger wants to get a good Alexa Ranking and tries many tricks to get this one.

Improve alexa rank

In the beginning,getting to fair range of  ranking is not so difficult task to do.It is based on how you maintain the regularity of site.Here are the some basic tips on how to get a fair alexa ranking for a new blog within few days likely 25-30 days.

Install Alexa Extension in Browser and Alexa Rank widget on your Blog.
They only record those hits which passes through their systems.That means your visitors either have to Install Alexa Toolbar on their browser or you should put an Alexa widget/plugin installed on your blog.

Alexa extension is used to calculate the traffic of your blog.If you have 1000 daily viewers but no one has alexa Extension means that traffic may not counted by the Alexa.So its very important to install this extension in your browser.First you install this one,and then encourage your readers to use this extension.

Installing Alexa widget on your blog is one of the proven best way to improve Alexa Ranking.Instead of encouraging all your readers to install Alexa extension you only use this method.If you add alexa widget on our blog then all readers with or without extension will count for Ranking process.Since traffic is the very important factor in Ranking we should not neglect even a single visitor.

Claim and Review your site on
Claiming your site will give the authority of your blog.It may take 8-10 minutes but it’s really worth to claim.Some blogger’s used to say that giving a backlink to alexa also helps for ranking.And then Reviewing the site will surely help to get good ranking.But don’t make fake and spam reviews of yourself.Because 10 bad and spam reviews are equal to 1 good review.If your blog has spam reviews then your blog reputation may go down.So ask your friends and other bloggers to write a review on your blog.You review on other blogs and ask them to write about your blog,just a give and take policy.

Update your blog regularly and then publish it on Social Networks.
Alexa is not slow as Google page rank (of course PR is somewhat different..!).Because Google page rank updates once in 1-2 months but Alexa updates almost daily.So keeping your blog update is important.If your blog updates regularly than your readers also enjoy to read your blog.As your readers come daily traffic increases.If you had fresh content and fresh readers than the rank automatically goes up.Most of the bloggers stops updating after 1 month and loose their interest this causes to lost the ranking.

Comment on Forums and get Valued Backlinks.
Commenting and participating on Forum discussions is a very good habit that every blogger must have.Webmasters Forums are very helpful in the sense of Alexa.Because if you participate in any discussion most of the forum users surely visits your blog and all most all webmasters surely have the Alexa extension Smile

Commenting on blogs and forums gets you the backlinks and Traffic.Although Alexa prefers traffic, sometime it also consider backlinks.I have seen this in one of my test blog.I was getting almost same traffic on two of my blogs.But the blog with more backlinks got better rank than other one.This is not so important in Alexa but it will surely help in Google page Rank.

Write a post about Alexa and try to get organic traffic.
Most of the probloggers suggests that writing a post or review about Alexa site helps to improve the Rank.Of course it helps in someway.While writing a post don’t forget to give a backlink to Alexa with Do_follow tag.Organic traffic is more valuable and countable for the Alexa Rank.So always try to get traffic from Search Engines and at the beggining of blogging try to write search engine friendly posts ans post titles.Once you got some fair loyal readers then you can write whatever you feel good.

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