A Comparison Between WordPress and Blogger [which one best]

Are you confusing between WordPress and Blogger using as your Blogging platform. Blogging has moved into the international consciousness in recent years. This has been helped along by numerous well-known bloggers who have transformed into journalists and opinion-makers in their own right. For beginners, though, the debate often comes down to where to begin. The answer depends on what you are planning on doing with your blog. A comparison between WordPress and Blogger is a good place to start

Comparison Between WordPress and Blogger

The Basic Difference

A lot of people are just looking for a free service to post on for friends and family. If that is your purpose, either site will work perfectly well. In cyberspace, Blogger’s reputation bears the flag of being easiest to use, while the word on WordPress is that you can customize it more easily.

Customizing Templates

Blog creators can clearly see this contrast when it comes to templates. WordPress has numerous customizable templates available. People who really want a unique blog with visuals and formats that set them apart from other sites might prefer this. This is partially due to the fact that it is an open source solution to blogging, which means that many people add their knowledge and skills to the process.
The Blogger model, in contrast, is all about ease of use. While certain templates are premade and available to anyone, the quantity is just not there. This is a major trade-off. That said, there are a few skilled techies on the web who have been so kind as to post code for Blogger, but these are limited as well. Additionally, they require some knowledge of hypertext or a lot of reading and research.

Monetizing a Blog

For those who are looking to monetize their blogs, Blogspot has the reputation of being easier to insert ads on. As it is owned by Google, the most popular ad programs are all but built in. WordPress, on the other hand, takes a slightly more reserved position when it comes to using ad programs, although it can be done.

Image Storage and File Types

Another aspect that many users place a high value on is image storage. Since so many people share photos online, this feature can determine which service people choose. Blogger leans heavily on Google’s Picassa to manage photos. The two work well together as Google runs them both and works to make them complement each other.
The WordPress platform offers more space in general. It also allows users to include many more file types than Blogger does. This can really round out a blog that aims to include more than just photos of families, friends and trips. Again, the WordPress philosophy seems to point to flexibility, even if things seem a little more difficult at first.

Importing and Exporting Content

Another aspect where WordPress has won accolades is in the realm of mobility. Users can import and export content much more easily on WordPress than on Blogger. Again, the information for Blogger is out there, but it is less built-in. Similarly, many people flock to WordPress due to the relative ease of moving to an actual private domain, which increases the control a blog creator has over the project.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it all really comes down to the purpose of the blog and the future its creator has in mind. Some people swear by Blogger and love how it integrates so completely with other Google tools and services. Those that thrive on complete control and customization typically prefer WordPress.

Don’t forget that any comparison between WordPress and Blogger will eventually be outdated. Both sites are constantly updating their features, either with a competitive spirit or just because they see a way to improve their service. One way to figure out which suits a given project is to get online and try them both out to get a feel for their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Now you can easily choose Between WordPress and Blogger.

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