Blog commenting for SEO – What Why and How

Comment Luv is extremely popular among bloggers and that has increased the pace of commenting on other blogs as it helps to increase the page rank (if dofollow) and getting like-minded visitors to your site.

Blog commenting for SEO

Do you really remember any commenter’s comment on the blog you often visit? Yes I do, I visit twice or maybe thrice to SEJ, I often see many repeated commenter’s and the one I remember is Sahil from RankWatch.

Why? Because his comment always gets recognition from author as he puts thought behind the comments.

If you could force an update in the article by commenting on the blog then you are an influencing commenter.

1.       What is blog commenting in SEO?

Bloggers (turned SEOs) do blog commenting for different purposes like some do it to build backlinks, few do it to increase Alexa and few very do it to increase awareness about their blog.

Blog Commenting in SEO helps to get visitors to your blog or website and most importantly to create a bonding with your fellow bloggers.

2.       Do blog comments help SEO?

Hmm… Yes. But if you are doing it to rank for a keyword by putting anchor text in the name while commenting. You deserve a kick on your ass.

Really, this can’t be a part of your SEO strategy. Blog Commenting should make the author  rethink after reading your comment or may motivate him/her to write about it.

3.       How to do blog commenting in SEO?

You need to find your niche and then start with post on which you have enough knowledge to draw a conclusion. The comment could be a positive one or a negative (don’t be harsh) but that should add some value to the post.

For Example; -  Say you have a blog about SEO, then you go to the most trusted website in your niche like SEJ, SearchEngineLand, SEroundtable etc. and read the post and then comment what you think about it.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with making a list of sites related to your niche or subscribing to the newsletter so that you get to know when any blogger publish the new content.

If implemented properly Blog Commenting gives a boost to your SEO campaign and most importantly helps in creating a relationship with the author and grow your blogger network.

Recently, I commend on Matt Cutt’s blog and I got 70 visits to my website, which is not bad. So if you are the first commenter on a quality blog then there is more chance that you will get visits or traffic to your blog.

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