Create wordpress blog SiteMap : XML Sitemap Generator

As i told in my previous post wordpress provides lot of efficient human friendly site map features,these are not only search engine friendly but also for viewers.Your blog readers can easily navigate through all your blog posts through this site map pages.

There are many plugins which creates site map for your blog with a click.Here i am using the simplest but very effective and most used site map generator plugin Google XML-sitemap Generator which is authored by Arne Brachhold.This is a free plugin for wordpress sites to create site map.

First Go to plugin page and then download install the plugin. –> Link : Plugin
Then Settings > XML-sitemap.
At the top of page click on create site map for the first time link.It looks like below picture
WordPress sitemap
How to create wordpress sitemap

Thats enough and your blogs site map will be present in “”.Here my site example SiteMap
If you want you can do some basic settings according to your preferences.All default settings will be fine but if you want you can change sitemap location,priority and page change frequencies.

 If found any difficulty while doing this let me know by your comments and thank u..

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