How to Submit New blogs to Google and Bing

Google and Other search engines are the main source of traffic for more than 80% of blogs in web.

Submit sitemap bing and google

So in order to get traffic from these huge search Engines submitting your sites to their index is very important.Of course search engines will crawl your site,if you not submitted also.But surely it takes much time and Content.

So here I Explained how to submit your New sites to the Google and Yahoo,Bing Easily and perfectly.In order to submit your site we have to create Site Map of a blog first.Site maps helps Search Engine to crawl the site or blog deepl.Site Maps tells the search Engine crawlers about all blog links.If there is no sitemap for blog means then search engines may miss some of  links and posts in your blog.

How to Create Sitemap for Blogger Blog.
How to create Sitemap for WordPress blog.

Submitting Site to the Google Webmaster.

Since Google is the No.1 Search Engine in world let we start from Google.Both of these webmasters works similar for sitemap submission.

First login to your Google Account then Go to Google Webmaster.

Google Webmaster is the tool which helps to know how our blog is going with the Google Search.We can find and solve problems with our sites using this tool.If you already have Google then you can login to webmaster with that account or else create a new Google Webmaster account.

After login to the Webmaster Tool Add your Blog URL.Then verify your blog using HTML File or Text by adding given tag.
After successfully adding your site to the Webmaster select your site which you want to submit.

Then you will Get a option Add Sitemap at right side of web page.Click on that link you will get a box like below.Then copy the sitemap text and paste it here.

In blogger sitemap link looks like this “”.

In WordPress it will be “/sitemap.xml , /sitemap-index.xml or anything similar”. Add that text in the blank space like below screenshot and then hit submit.
Site map

After Google may take some time or days to index your site.Be patient still that time.Another way to submit links to Google is Submit URL option.You can simply submit URL here for Indexing.                                                           

Submitting your Blog to the Bing Webmaster.

Yahoo! search Engine is now merged with the Bing Webmaster Tool.If you submit a Sitemap to Bing means it will be submitted to both Yahoo! and Bing search Engines.So the work become easy and simple.

First of all you must have MSN Account to Login to the Bing Webmaster.Bing is the product of Microsoft.So create a Microsoft account or login with the existing account details to Bing Webmaster.

After Login you have to add and verify your site as you done in Google webmaster using HTML file or Tag.After verifying the site select your site and Click on the sitemap option.Then add full sitemap text to sitemap submitting box and submit it.
Sitemap Submission for Bing.

For blogger users your Sitemap text looks like “”.
For wordpress users sitemap looks similar to :”. (The difference between previous one and this one is,In Google you don’t need to add your blog URL,you need only sitemap text.Here you have to add full sitemap text.)
As you done in Google here also submit content option is there.Go to this Submit Content page and submit your blog URL once again to the Bing and Yahoo.

After submitting Sitemaps to the search Engines be patient and wait for 1-2 weeks to crawl your site. Sometime it takes only few hours but sometime it may take weeks.Its all about Algorithm’s and Priority.

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