3 How to Resolve and Restore Banned AdSense Accounts Disable

Many bloggers who ask me how to restore the AdSense account are prohibited, disabled or disabled. For some reason, but certainly there are a lot of forbidden mass cases. In fact, we know, to get an GA account only, it’s not as easy as turning the palm of your hand, need consistency and more knowledge unless you get the GA account of the buying process.

The tendency of some cases that exist, the impact of banned Adsense also counts quite obvious, especially in the “psychology” owner. You can prove yourself by either qualitative / quantitative surveys (perhaps the focus of your final project) or the negative impact of banned adsense for GA account holders.

Brief stories, feelings of ngeh, laziness, wegah and frustration can happen. How not? With difficulty getting an adsense account, you can suddenly receive a notification from the boss if his account has been suspended aka banned; and generally, a feeling of sadness mixed with anger envelops your feelings.

So, how do we react?
Of course, there are several reasons why AdSense accounts are prohibited, disabled, or disabled (suspended).

Causes of Google Adsense account banned / disabled
Various causes of the dibanned AdSense account also vary. But in general, the Google Adsense itself has provided information about the event, among others are:

1. General reasons for disabled AdSense account Due to incorrect traffic activity indications (invalid activity)

The following is the cause of the invalid activity derived from the Google Adsense explanation:

  • By clicking on ads on your site, YouTube channel or your own app
  • One or more users repeatedly click on ads on your site, YouTube channel, or app.
  • Generate or receive automatic traffic or robots
  • Use of traffic sources with incentives
  • Manipulate how ad serving
  • Encourage users to support your site, YouTube channel, or app through ad interaction
  • Ad placements are misleading to users or generate accidental clicks
  • Built-in ads in the app

Some of the above causes point to become Sebuh rule of law, the standard rules of the GA that should be obeyed by all publishers.

2. Frequent reasons AdSense accounts are disabled for policy reasons

The cause of the assertion of the GA part off your Adsense account for policy reasons are as follows:

  • Pornographic, mature or mature
  • User generated content
  • Violate instructions to webmasters
  • Placement of misleading ads
  • Copyright infringement
  • Illegal content
  • The six points in this second list of causes are directly related to content content and ad placement design management.
  • Two main reasons above

at least give us an idea, that in any cooperation, especially with the Google AdSense, we must engage and maintain the rules of the game explicitly binding on both sides.

The important question is, do you really deliberately do the two above deliberate? Or is there a third party who actually does an unresponsible action? If the answer is a second option, please report to the authorities for the incident (case boom click etc.)

So what if your account is really banned, disabled or disabled by Adsense? Is there a good way to solve the problem?

How to recycle a banned AdSense account, disable or disable

Here are some steps you can take to get an account that has been disusped the Adsense.

1. Call

This step is a legal means and does not violate the rules of law that have been accepted by both parties. Adsense Party itself also submitted about this call. Their reason is of course to avoid
misunderstandings between them and the publisher.

You can make the call process via the help page >> Adsense.
Only limited msukan:

If you have appealed, you should not be in a hurry because (based on the information in the Google AdSense team notification email), if you have already called an account / site, you will not receive no response to the next future claim).

Please review more details the main cause of your banned adsense account. It aims to determine the reason for calls in order to be faithful to the timeline. Do not let yourself be appealed without excuses.

2. Regular updates of the content

This second point you can do while waiting for a call that has been submitted. Why does the option update the article? Alasasannya simple. The update routines on your GA account can be a logical reason for GA, that you are really serious about optimizing your site.

This is important, as their reference, at least with the call diagram while examining the direct activity of your blog traffic still works well. Remember that disabling your GA account is not necessarily suspended (unless it is a serious offense, eg reported for violating your content, or reported by unauthorized content).

3. Keep the spirit

This third point is more about the psychological aspect. So, at least, there is some wisdom that we can get from various banned adsense cases, including:
Fortune already established; fortune is rational and will not run anywhere.
Maybe you already cheated on the Adsense, so at least it becomes the key to getting better again
Maybe you have raped other bloggers, for example envy with the earnings of the other part of GA, so try to hit your rivals, for example through a boom click. Attention also, that the jealousy of envy that continues on the act of hurting others, will one day be rewarded by God in another form or an equal, even more severe form.

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