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Free Fire MAX has amassed a sizable player base since its introduction. Because of its enhanced graphics and effects, many gamers who previously played the normal version have switched to it. The popularity of the battle royale game has also aided in the growth of online content development.

Fans are typically ecstatic to witness producers with exceptional abilities, making game-related gameplay one of the most popular genres of YouTube material. As a result, a number of people have grown on the platform, and the next part looks at the best of them.

Note: The following list is entirely based on the writer’s opinion.

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List of Free Fire MAX players with the best gameplay

5) Nobru

Bruno ‘Nobru’ Goes is a professional esports player as well as a content developer and streamer from Brazil. He is a co-founder of the Fluxo squad and has competed in a number of competitions, including the Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore, where he placed fourth. His game UID is 228159683, and he is a member of the Fluxo Gaming guild, which is led by Cerol.

Nobru is adored by his fans for his exceptional abilities and game sense. As of this writing, his YouTube channel has 13.3 million subscribers and 884.05 million views.

4) WHITE444 YT

WHITE444 YT is another well-known YouTuber in the Free Fire community. His montages involve superb gameplay as well as fantastic editing. In the game, the content creator’s ID is 1133099286, and he participates in the Middle East server of the battle royale game.

He recently surpassed the 5 million subscriber mark, with 5.06 million subscribers. His videos have also received 134.43 million views. WHITE444 YT, on the other hand, hasn’t been active in a while, just publishing stuff every several months.

3) Raistar

Raistar is a name that the vast majority of Indian gamers are familiar with, and he is one of the country’s most well-known players due to his gameplay prowess. In Free Fire MAX, his ID is 12022250, and in the Battle Royale mode, he is ranked Gold III.

Raistar’s channel has grown tremendously in popularity over the years, with 6.68 million subscribers and 154.52 million views.

He’s also done versus videos in the past, in which he competed against well-known YouTubers like SYBLUS, Wota FF, and others.

2) B2K (Born2Kill)

Born2Kill (B2K) is ranked second on this list, and his gameplay skills have helped him gain a big YouTube following. The channel is mostly run by two Tunisian brothers, Moez and Walid Mansouri. Within the game, their account ID is 320653047.

For the past few years, the duo has been routinely generating game-related articles. Their main channel has over 8.73 million subscribers and has received over 572.80 million views in total. They also have three more YouTube channels where they can post different types of content.


RUOK FF is, without a doubt, the top Free Fire content generator in terms of playability. Millions of people throughout the world admire him for his effectiveness and flair on the battlefield. The numbers he has obtained represent the same thing.

With a total of 9.82 million subscribers, the YouTuber from Thailand is on his approach to surpassing the colossal 10 million subscriber mark. He also has approximately 598 million views under his belt. His statistics may be found by checking up his UID: 261109577.

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