5 Easy Ways to Secure your WordPress Blog From Being Hacked

Is your Blog is Secure From Being Hacked ? WordPress has been best blogging cms available on web,But it is not fully secure from bad guy’s like hackers,attackers,Spammers and other ill intentioned attackers.wordpress is an open source software which means everyone can see its code and they can easily find security holes.

Easy Ways to Secure your WordPress Blog From Being Hacked

Here are some easy tips to make your WordPress blog more secure.

1.Secure the Theme

First step is just remove your WordPress generator code which you ‘ll find in to your theme’s header.php, The reason behind this if  a hacker knows your WordPress version,it’s very easy to him to attack it using version-specific vulnerabilities.To remove this code simply open your header.php then find
line like:-

<meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress 3.0.1″ />
And  just remove it.

Or you can Add Into your theme’s function.php  remove_action(‘wp_head’, ‘wp_generator’); to Permanent Delete Your WordPress version Information.

2.Upgrade to the latest WordPress version

Keep your WordPress blog update with latest version.You should make this habit to updates your blog when upgrade available.well older release have very know vulnerabilities that could be exploited by any hacker.

3.Lock your wp-config.php

Well Wp-Config file is very important file of your WordPress install.it contain very sensitive data like your user-name,password(which use by WordPress for creating connection to word press My Sql database files) you can block access to this file by just add below code to your .htacess file.

<files wp-config.php>
Order deny,allow
deny from all

4.Use A Secure Username,Password

Till version 3.0 WordPress create admin user by default ,Now u can choose your own user-name.try to use user-name with multiple WordPress such as “john lee” .Always use a strong password which having combination of lowercase letters, uppercase and numbers in between.

5.Your Tip

What You advise to Secure your WordPress Blog From Being Hacked?what your tips and tricks ? do share with  us in comments

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