5 Great Twitter Tools For Blogging

Twitter has long been one of the best tools that a blogger can use to read his blog and I noticed. Twitter is not just a simple way to keep in touch with readers and feed it updates, but also help to find new readers through networking and to get links from. It ‘also easy to keep tab of topics that focus on the blog and other bloggers and write on topics related websites.
Here are some of the best extra tools that bloggers can promote their blog, via Twitter, and get more exposure.
The following trends and keywords
The most important aspect of being a blogger is in the know and they also stay on top of the field or theme that focuses on your blog. Here are some great tools to help you keep an eye on the trends of interest and keywords related to the contents of your blog.
Enter the keywords of interest in the top of the page and look to find not only the tweets that mention the keywords, but also track the popularity of these words and themes in a period of time.
2. Hashtags.org
Anyone who uses Twitter knows that people will often use hash tags to describe what their tweets about. Search tags hash relevant to your blog you can follow all the latest information and ideas on a given subject, and you keep up to date with what people are interested in your area have talked the most.
Another good way to monitor trends and keywords related to your blog, Monitter offers a smooth shape, which is very easy on the eyes. When searching for words that are of interest to you Monitter offers a list of tweets that these words will give you a separate column for each keyword you are looking for.
Getting your blog posts seen
Tweet a link to your new blog can be done more efficiently when the blogger makes it easier for others to share content. These are tools, not only to their readers to share their content easily and efficiently, but also get more clicks and traffic that does not matter what you are tweeting about.
4.Twit This
This tool allows you to send new connections quickly and efficiently through, but its best feature is a button, you can add to your blog. Paste the code provided at the site for your blog, you give people who read your blog a simple and easy way to re-Tweet your messages with a single click.
This tool makes it easy for you to add your blog URL in your tweet and is guaranteed to increase traffic to your site. Even if you are tweeting links to separate content from other twitter, it’s easy to add the URL of your blog to Tweet, too, without your tweet look messy and crowded with links.

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