5 rarest Free Fire MAX gloo wall skins as of OB32 version update

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Free Fire MAX is one of the top-rated battle royale titles on leading app stores. Gamers can have an impeccable gaming experience which developers further enhance with the help of skins for various in-game elements. These colorful and unique skins are available on a permanent and temporary basis.

Many of these skins become rare when they are only available in the inventories of a few players. Gloo walls have some of the best skins available in the title. Players are always looking to get a hold of all gloo wall skins. This article discusses Free Fire MAX’s five rarest goo wall skins as of the OB32 update.

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Rarest Free Fire MAX gloo wall skin as of OB32 version

5) Death Guardian

The Death Guardian gloo wall skin is considered the most legendary gloo wall skin. The skin was available in a top-up event in which players were required to do a 500 diamond top-up. The skin’s most attractive features its golden look along with the shiny mask in the center.

4) Gold Vault

The Gold Vault is a premium-looking Gloo Wall skin. The royale look of the skins makes it one of the elite gloo wall skins. The Gloo Wall skin was available in Garena’s second collaboration with Money Heist. The skin is available in the inventories of only a few players.

3) Ancient Order Gloo Wall

The Ancient Order Gloo Wall is also a rare Gloo Wall skin. The skin has a white theme with a samurai imprinted in the center. The ninja samurai looks very cool and stands out in the match. The skin was available as a pre-order reward for the release of Season 24 Elite Pass. The skin is expected to return in the upcoming updates of the game.

2) Blood Hockey Gloo Wall

Blood Hockey is one of Free Fire MAX’s most sought-after gloo wall skins. The skin was available as an Elite Pass reward in previous seasons in the game. The skin made headlines due to its eye-catching red color with a skull in the center of the gloo wall. Players are eagerly waiting for the skin to make a comeback in the game.

1) Bunker Gloo Wall

The Bunker Gloo Wall is one of the rarest gloo wall skins in Free Fire MAX. The skin was previously made available in the pre-order event of the Season 9 Elite Pass. The most attractive feature of the skin is the small opening in the center of the gloo wall. Players can use the opening to make surprise attacks on their opponents.

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