5 reasons why A124 is overpowered in Free Fire

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Following the Free Fire OB33 update, A124’s capabilities received a significant boost. It moved from relying on EP to heal the character to being able to put the rival out of business. This should be enough to explain why she’s overpowering, but there are other things at work as well.

The character’s entire dynamic has evolved as a result of how the ability currently functions.


A124 has transitioned from a self-sufficient aggressive healer to a full-fledged aggressive pusher. Here are a few reasons why she’s turned into a meta-character in the game.

Note: Indian players must avoid playing Free Fire since it is banned in the country.

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Five reasons why A124 is the most powerful character in Free Fire

5) Low Cost

In Free Fire, users must spend a large amount of diamonds to purchase characters. Characters like DJ Alok and Chrono, who cost 599 gems each, are the most expensive. On the other side, A124 is merely 399 diamonds. The price gap of 200 diamonds versus combat utility is enormous.

Despite being less expensive than other of the game’s greatest characters, A124 has a greater utility and usefulness rating. She may now be employed in a variety of ways in combat, making her significantly more valuable than many top-tier characters.

4) Good for solo and team matches

A124’s ability, Thrill Of Battle, was exclusively good for healing until the Free Fire OB33 upgrade. As a result, the character was limited to solitary matches because the core ability was useless in teams. In most matches, the character didn’t contribute much due to a lack of other support skills. All of that, however, has changed with the upgrade.

She has become crucial in team engagements due to her capacity to shut down opponents’ powers at close range. If a player can rush in adjacent to the opposition team and trigger their ability, they will all lose their tactical advantage in combat. They will be at a disadvantage if they are unable to employ their abilities.

3) Ability has a long duration

For the next 20 seconds once A124’s ability is triggered, opponents will be unable to utilize their abilities. While this may not seem like a long period, in Free Fire, the average close-range encounter lasts only 10 seconds. However, the long cooldown time of 100 seconds helps to balance things out.

The duration of the ability grows to 60 seconds as the character levels up and reaches the maximum level. It’s terrifying to be unable to use skills in fight for even a minute. Furthermore, cooling down takes about 50 seconds. As a result, it’s one of the game’s most broken abilities.

2) The only character in the game who can shut down opponents

A124 is the only character in Free Fire who can shut down opponents, despite the fact that there are many powerful offensive, defensive, and supporting characters. Her ability to render the enemy’s powers ineffective is one of the game’s most unique features. There is, in essence, no effective counter to her.

Once an enemy has been harmed by an electromagnetic wave, they will be forced to rely solely on weaponry to fight back. They’ll be able to rotate out of the area safely and with minimal damage in the best-case scenario.

In the worst-case scenario, the enemy tries valiantly to survive but is still defeated.

1) Limitless combo possibilities

A124 had limited combination options prior to the OB33 Free Fire update. There weren’t many supplemental skills that fit well with the character because the basic ability was related to healing. However, as a result of the overhaul, the number of possible combinations has exploded.

Players can now utilize Bushido to deliver extra damage with shotguns because the main ability works at close range. Sustained Raids can be used to heal in combat, while Dash can be used to gain extra speed and get into position faster. This opens up a lot of tactical possibilities for solo and squad encounters.

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