5 tips to pick the best loot location in Garena Free Fire

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Looting is an art form in Free Fire MAX. Knowing where to loot, when to loot, and how to loot will keep the player in control of the scenario at all times. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the basics of looting. Most people simply choose the first spot they see and start looting.

While this is a viable option, it may not be the most effective. Ambushes, pinning in place, and even elimination are all possibilities.

Thankfully, by following a few easy guidelines and understanding the dos and don’ts of selecting ideal treasure spots, this may be avoided.

Follow these tips to understand how to pick good loot locations in Free Fire MAX

5) Ensure the area has cover

When seeking for a treasure spot in Free Fire MAX, players must make sure the area is covered. This is crucial for two reasons: it will protect the player if they are assaulted, and it will also allow them to loot without being seen from afar.

While looting in open regions is mostly secure, there remains the possibility of getting sniped from afar. If the shot hits the character in the head, the opponent can easily score a headshot kill. As a result, when looting, attempt to select areas with some natural cover.

4) Loot on high ground

In Free Fire MAX, there are two sorts of strategic grounds: high ground and low ground. Most readers who have played the game for a while know how important the high ground is: it provides fantastic shooting angles, protection from incoming attacks, and the ability to escape quickly.

Looting on high ground is the safest region in the game for the reasons stated above. Players will be able to easily repel attacks and secure prizes. Players can lock it down and camp for easy kills because the surrounding area will be lower in height than the treasure zone.

3) Pick someplace that offers easy rotation

Players will surely be in need of loot once the early-game portion of a Free Fire MAX match ends. After fighting has depleted your supplies, securing riches will be critical. Most players are in a haste and don’t pay attention to the loot zone, resulting in unwise decisions.

This is a tactical error that could lead to the player’s elimination from the game. When choosing a looting location, players must consider the possibility of safely rotating away from the area. If they’re attacked by an opponent, they shouldn’t stay put and fight unless they choose to.

2) Avoid looting at the edge of the map

Beginners in Free Fire MAX tend to make a simple but costly mistake during the landing portion of the game, which might cost them the game. They arrive at the map’s edge in quest of safety, plunder, and gear up. While the region is safe, it does come at a price.

The problem with landing on the map’s edge is that there is nowhere to go but inward. If the enemy manages to encircle the region and hold their ground, the player will be unable to rotate and will finally be killed by gunfire or damage taken outside the safe zone.

1) Land in the Blue Zone

In Free Fire MAX, the Blue Zone is a valuable location to visit. There is plenty of stuff to be had, and a complete squad can easily equip themselves. However, there are certain hazards, as other players will undoubtedly arrive in pursuit of rich loot during the early game.

To secure this area, the best tactic is to land quickly, find a decent weapon, and shoot everyone else who tries to land. This will make looting difficult for opponents and ensure that they do not gain any ground. Players will be able to shut off the region and take all of the riches in this method.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

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