Obviously the longer the finding that increasingly difficult traffic, bloggers kept popping up, thousands of new articles are published every day, in every year looking for attention (getting views) more difficult.

Never mind the target high volume keyword, to get first page rankings from long-tail keyword only passable difficult, logically the targeted long-tail sure not just You, thousands of other bloggers to do the same. Moreover, shifting top-top bloggers who’ve dominated the short-tail keyword for years. The only hope maybe if Google change their algorithm for determination of its search results

Here’s some advice that I can give based on experience:

1. Do not ingest raw 100% teaching internet marketing bloggers or people claiming to be SEO experts

don’t take all the advice adaTidak forever what the internet marketers to teach it effectively for your blog (including my teachings), be flexible to adapt to the circumstances.

The only guidelines for the most effective was the result of analytic from your own blog. Seimbangkan between quality content with existing data, do not just create content as you wish but in data (traffic) does not support.

If your data is proving more social traffic could potentially then encourage the traffic (push) as best as possible, otherwise if SEO gives better results then maximize the potential of Your blog SEO. If the article does not bring A proven theme traffic Yes don’t be forwarded (unless you don’t care about the traffic Affairs, certainly is another story).

I once read a quote that tickled about looking for traffic:

How do I get the traffic that effective? Make an article about how to/tutorials bring traffic. “

Does it mean what people are searching it is far more important than what you want to write. If you make the primary traffic source SEO as you, then put away your ego, do not write semau-maunya because in SEO it’s the most important thing is what you write it wanted people (via search engines).

No matter how much quality writing that you make, your blog will not generate traffic (organic) if it does not.

In addition never rigged the (cheat) system Google. Google very hate people who try to outsmart the system/algorithms. There is one piece of advice that I always remember “Google it smarter than you, don’t try fooling Google.”

Outside there are many bloggers who do practice black-hat practices such as buying a used blog, buy backlinks (pay other bloggers to give a link to her blog), exchange links with other bloggers, including purchase to AdSense account memonetize blog.

So they purposely bought the former blog and AdSense account that later filled articles copas (spin), then pay another blog to provide a link to the blog (link building) to get a lot of traffic and money.

That’s what happens when a person knows how to a system/algorithm works, people will always find a loophole to outsmart the system. Does Google know? Yes, but still left alone. Things like this are only effective for short term, Google increasingly day getting smarter, although backlink is still an important factor in determining rank, backlink will influence later getting smaller in comparison with the content and authority.

And usually they are buying your AdSense account from others will not be able to withdraw the money/dollar (revenue) of the GA account. So was deliberately left alone but the money cannot be withdrawn.

If you want good results for the long term, then take a white-hat SEO naturally, better focus on marketing natural as social media posts, forum marketing, smart blogwalking, guest post by Ron (no spam).

“The best link building is no link building”. Word link building itself as black-hat practices, because we deliberately make people/other website give backlink to our blogs. Whereas the best backlink backlink is given voluntarily by other people/natural (because of the quality of our content).

In addition to what is usually said to be blog-internet marketing blog is also not as beautiful as such. For example, guest posting:

If me and you’ve got a blog about health, then You want to do a guest post, certainly you will find blogs that are relevant to your blog and ketemulah with my blog (for example).

You have requested your article on submit in my blog (guest post) but arguably a relevant topic blog it same as competitors, chances are I and you will target the same keywords on search engines. Will I gladly accept Your guest post where the article is thus could harm my own position on the search engines?

Will you receive a guest post from another blogger that same topic with your blog and also targeted keyword you seek? In General where mau ngasih competitor backlinks to other blogs like that.

Of course that’s just an example, I don’t know of any such events or not, but nonetheless there is a tendency of competitive like it above. The bottom line is do not ingest raw 100% of existing theory, be realistic in accordance with the conditions of the field.

Its moral message is a theory that is taught is not always as beautiful as the real practice, the experience remains the best teachers. Test and it should be all the science that you already know, you will soon know where science/theory which has expired and where better in accordance with the circumstances.

2. focus on a channel that most produce but do not completely rely on the traffic source (another traffic source set as backup)

prepare plans cadanganBanyak bloggers who focus only on SEO, SEO, and SEO. When SEO isn’t the only traffic is the best there is, there’s even a successful blogger without regard to SEO at all. Of course you need to optimize SEO as necessary because it is the best free traffic resources to date, but a much more important is to focus on generating the most traffic.

How can I know which channel is most suitable and produce for my blog?

In addition to seeing Your analytic data, try to imagine what kind of blog you want to shape the future? Take one example of the already successful blog which you want to set as a role model. Take a look at the source of trafiknya through Alexa or Similarweb and note where the channel accounted for most of the blog traffic.

SEO that is not everything, there are still many other alternatives such as social media (Facebook/Twitter) and forum/social bookmarking site. Lots of websites out there that successfully use channel in addition to SEO (for example Hipwee).

No less important was to prepare the backup traffic sources. Do not completely rely on 1 source, as if suddenly Google/Facebook change the algorithms, or forum where you build audience suddenly troubled then your blog traffic will be destroyed.

I have a friend that is 90% trafiknya bloggers rely on a social bookmarking site, so he made the article much past disubmit to the site and get referral traffic, but the social bookmarking site had experienced the down until about 1 month, and my friend’s blog traffic free-fall seanjlok-anjloknya, finally until now he still difficulty in getting traffic.

Prepare a backup alternative if it had happened in the future things are undesirable, try the Create channel social media such as Facebook Group/Fanpage or wake up email list. An email list is the channel the most secure, because if Google/Facebook/other sites sources are problematic, you can give content to Your followers by email.

When I first started the blog look for instant traffic to fill the void blog, some of the fastest way of bringing in traffic are:

Looking for referral traffic (either through the social media group, forum marketing, smart blogwalking, social bookmarks, and other referral sites)
Create viral content, create articles that potentially to share (share) others through social media and blogs (backlinks)
Guest post on sites that already have high authority, but never did a guest post in bulk and carelessly on various sites
Read also: how to improve specific traffic blogger newbie

3. There will always be people who don’t appreciate your efforts and don’t spend the time to handle people like it

so the blog could not be copasNgeblog that are at risk and one of the biggest risk is the risk of a blogger copas. Copas was indeed very frustrating. Out there has always been a person who steals your writing results with no matter how hard you ban and sometimes even those who get the “credit” from the results of your efforts.

This blog itself already often dicopas by other bloggers, even one of the bloggers on top also mimics one of the articles in this blog, its structure and poin-poinnya exactly the same only the words that changed a bit (spin), it is still a lot of irony bloggers who do not appreciate the results of other people’s writing.

A lot of bloggers are writing only capital rewrite/spin from an existing article, there are some who just translate from blog capital overseas, clearly visible where the articles are completely written by a human being from scratch with articles made potluck because of the demands of the quantity.

Still mending if this source lists copas artisans, some of them mengcopas writings and images raw-raw 100% granted, even deleted comments I try, I try to contact (email) has also not responded to complaints.

Actually there are still 2 way that I can do, that is, contact the hosting provider or ask in the takedown of the DMCA. But all this does not resolve the problem, anyway the copas instead of just 1 person, rather than bother with trifles artisan copas better we focus on our own blog platform.

Artisan copas there will always be, whatever you do there is always somebody who doesn’t appreciate the business results.

Furthermore to protect your writing does not guarantee the audience, the best solution is to listen to enter readers continues to grow, develop your blog, and make a difference from the existing competition primarily from blog builders copas.

Two of the same writing if placed on 2 different platforms could result is like heaven and Earth. I struck me after one of my writing which was placed at another (by someone else) got more views from this blog itself (Fortunately the source still listed).

articles about student drop a 100% outArtikel same result turns out can vary up to 10 x fold simply because it is placed in a different.

It means building Your blog platform that is important, and this is the main point that I want to pass on to the beginner blogger blogger-i.e. Your blog platform arose, with … (No. 4).

4. Personality

the character is the key kesuksesanAnda must have been tired of hearing “create quality content”, “content is King”, “quality is everything”, quality, quality and quality.

Indeed the quality content is important, but what is much more important and makes people keep coming back to read your writing is the “personality” or personality, have a connection with your readers and is not afraid to be yourself with your opinion sejujur-jujurnya.

I was inspired by one of the public figure of Indonesia who have been more or less 20 years still exist in the world of entertainment i.e. Deddy Corbuzier. What makes it continue to survive in this industry? The answer is the “personality”.

Not a matter of what he did or what he would do next, but rather point to who he is, what kind of character and personality.

People follow people. Stick with your character and personality.

What do indeed become yourself. Write down Your opinion sejujur-jujurnya, it’s all about “who you are”, “what you say”, and “how you say it”. What you want to convey and how You deliver it with your own style. It is this value that cannot be replicated by anyone.

For example this blog, the main character of the blog is Solusik I want to share everything that is useful to the reader, should be realistic, not idealistic or simply just wishfull thinking but cannot show his pace in a logical order.

Other than that I really hate with facts/news hoax is not relevant and always fooling the public just for mere attention and get views.

I have always believed that the best it content is the content in the form of share opinions and experience, because to be honest, even until today I feel a lot more learning from people who shared his experience of failed than successful stories which sometimes does not make sense.

Keep sticking with your character because that’s the best way to grow, there is a reason why daily vlog that is just daily activities can get a lot of audience, but the audience might not get anything by watching the everyday lives of others, but why they still want to watch? Because they love the personality of vlogger is concerned.

Even a youtuber who likes the way kotorpun also there is followersnya, why? Because the audience was different, not all characters the audience is the same, people follow people, for the people like his personality, whatever the contents of the content people will still enjoy it.

If you have a loyal followers enjoy the content that you provide, then keep them, they’re the ones that will continue to motivate you every day (at least until they get bored).

Be yourself, be yourself, don’t be trying to satisfy everyone’s expectations, write what you think is important to delivered, amid the multitude of existing competition, there is always room for Your opinion heard by readers.

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