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Every blogger would like to write a lot of reading by visitors and then enjoy the income to work hard blogging. It’s natural and human. The question is, how to write a good blog article and have the potential to get a lot of visitors? it’s a hard question to answer because the article is dynamic (depending on the reading)

However, something dynamic does not make us unable to delve into the specs of good blog posts. Well, in this article, I will try to describe some tips to be able to write good blog posts and invite many visitors. Because blog writing, the article is the most important life
Tips for writing good blog posts and the potential to increase repeat visitors

1. Write with human language (nice to understand)
Writing or an article is actually a means of communication. Therefore, you should make a writing that is not monotonous and create stress readers. Make writing an interesting conversation. Usually, an interesting conversation contains something important but with light packaging, because if it’s too serious and complicated, it will annoy you.

So, to understand the basics of writing a good blog post is not an important issue or not an article because more important than a message is to give an understanding to the reader.

Articles that are essentially important may not be picked up by the reader because the writing is difficult to understand, and visitors will judge whether the article companion becomes uninteresting.

Articles with the number 1000 with each article read 100 times then the total is only 100,000 times read
Items with the number 100 with each item read 5000 times then the total will read 500,000 times

The main cause of writing can be read by many people or not is the quality of the depth of the discussion and the ease of reading comprehension.

2. Make a writing that has a ready and non-boring structure
In addition to the quality of writing is easy to understand and has a thorough discussion, you should also see the psychological side of online media players. Read online media using a smartphone or laptop to tire eyes, write a good blog post, then avoid writing with too long paragraphs.

Too long a paragraph will tire eyes faster and affect the failure of the reader’s understanding. The complexity of writing can occur because of this. Should consider the structure in writing.

There are differences in the psychological impact of readers when reading the writing through the smartphone screen with the book. The difference is the light emitted. Smarphone has a bright light that makes you more tired than reading a book.

3. Make an illustration of the superstructure and examples on the pole
In addition to the three points above, the use of assumptions and examples should be considered as part of writing a good blog post. The reason, if my friend uses illustrations then the reader will more easily capture the intention of writing pal.

Especially if my friend explains a tutorial or something, it is very important to create an example so that the reader understands it better. The sample illustration should not only be written, my friend can use the picture.

Sampling procedures and functions should provide a deeper understanding to the reader. Indeed, not all writings require illustration, and you can consider what writing is needed to make an illustration.

4. Create a character in paternity
Since there is no standard in writing a blog post, then my friend should be required to create a character in each article.

The characters raised by my friend will make the visitors who love the writing buddy style faithful. The dynamic nature of a writing (depending on the reader’s preference for a post) will filter those who agree with the writing style.

You should avoid writing in the style of most people. Especially if my friend is rewriting, you should just adjust it with the writing buddy style. Because most bloggers who rewrite will imitate the writing style of the article on rewrite.

In addition, you should avoid the impression of patronizing by writing pal. The reason most people will be more as if appreciated than in the gurui. We recommend as much as possible my friend away from the impression of condescension so that readers feel appreciated.

Maybe it’s a way to write a good blog post, in this document I’m still in the learning phase, so if in this writing I still can not apply what I say, I’m in excuse.

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