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DOWNLOAD NOW THE NEW MOD MENU FF V1.90🎯🔥 Free Fire Vip Mod Apk Free Download In One Click. Latest Updated..

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Speak troop, everything ok with you? As Free Fire has been constantly updated because of these hacks that are being used, so every day app creators have to be updating their apps to the new version of the game. Just to reinforce here that the apps that modify the cell phone settings do not ban the game, rest assured!
There are applications that can increase the sensitivity of the cell phone. You just need to be a little careful and only use apps that don’t modify Free Fire, okay?
Free Fire – It is a most sought after shooting and survival game in recent times, which is available on mobile. Each match in the game lasts about 10 minutes and puts you on a large remote island where you face off against 50 other players, all pursuing the same goal of survival. Players freely choose their starting point with the parachute, trying to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible.
As in other Battle Royale games, Free Fire characters have specific skills that can make all the difference during matches. Each one has a main skill, but it is also possible to equip three more secondary skills of other characters – which can favor a good performance in your playstyle. See the main ones below:
The general sensitivity determines the speed of the character’s directional movement on the Free Fire battlefield. In addition, this type of sensitivity also influences the speed of the white crosshair (default).

red dot
The red dot sensitivity adjusts the dot crosshair speed. Generally, the red dot is used when there is no scope accessory equipped to the weapon.
Sight 2X
The 2X crosshair sensitivity sets the speed of the crosshair magnified twice. Currently, the 2X scope can be found in most regions of the Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory maps and can only be used on submachine guns and assault rifles.
4X sight
The 4X scope sensitivity regulates the scope magnified four times. Due to its ability to detect enemies from afar, 4X aim is rarer on Battle Royale maps. Like the 2X, the 4X scope is compatible with assault rifles. It is worth mentioning that some weapons, such as SVD and VSS, already have 4X sights integrated.
Free Fire is a Battle Royale style game, inspired by PUBG, where you want to be the last survivor. With action-packed matches, many different weapons and varied modes Free Fire tests any player’s skills well, so grab your parachute and jump headfirst. Check out some tips to cheat death and be the winner or lead your team to victory in this Battle Royale!
Of course, landing in a place with good loot is key to getting the best gear early on in the game. However, these locations are the most sought after by players. That’s why it’s important to calculate the weight of the risk you will take once you hit the ground. There is the possibility of getting a good weapon, but it will not be useful if you are surrounded by opponents. That’s why it’s often important to choose a place where you know you’ll be able to fall practically alone and that you’ll find equipment that will make the next fights easy to win. GloboEsporte has listed the best jumping places in Bermuda and Kalahari, where you can see the main points of each.

– Regedit stands for “Registry Editing”. Many players have been using registry editing to change Free Fire’s sensitivity settings, working similarly to adjusting DPI. As it is possible on both mobile (mobile) and PC (emulator), the use of regedit in Free Fire has increased considerably in recent months.
This update that I will be making available will be at the end of this post, read everything very carefully so that you are successful in the installation if necessary. In addition, our website is one of the safest and cleanest on the platform, filled with very good publications that, if you browse slowly through it, you will surely find several updated articles on technology and games.


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