Easy Methods To Get Traffic Back To The Older Blog Posts Again

Every blogger wants to update their blog daily with fresh new content and problem with this is that your old popular posts are completely forgotten and new visitors will never get a chance to visit your great older posts because all internet users are very busy and will never mind to read your blog archives.So traffic to your older posts are lost,no matter how great they are.Here in this post Im going to share two easy methods to bring back new traffic to your old blog posts.

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1.Interlinking Old Blog Post With New Post:
Links to old posts in new post that seems similar is the best way to give new life for your old blog posts.This method not only drives more traffic from new visitors but also improves visibility in the eyes of search engines and bring more organic traffic to your blog.One of the most important thing to leep in mind while interlinking is that make sure the old posts that are linked are similar to the new post,so that visitors gets more information rather that making visitors frustrated by providing them some irrelevant post links.By this method the number of page views is increased and bounce rate of your site is reduced.You can do this manually or yoour can use some the best internal linking widgets.

2.Sharing Old Posts In Social Networking Sites:
Social networking sites are more popular nowadays than the past and you may not have shared yourold blog posts in social networking sites.By sharing your old posts in the social networking sites your chances of getting more visitors for your old valuable posts are doubled.Try to share your old posts in more number of social networking site so that you are benifited by getting more number of visitors.

Follow these two simple methods and get your lost traffic back to your old blog posts.

Imran Mir

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