Easy way to get Google Adsense will work 100% for starters!

One of the most popular ways to make money from a blog or website with Google’s Online Advertising service program Google AdSense, the safety and the best service and products for advertising sponsors promoting their brand to choose Google AdSense. Click Fraud and Spam of the ads from donors to protect the registration process more difficult for publishers. So if you want to approve the accounts as AdSense Publisher, then will realize that you want to do from AdSense on your blog or website. Most of the Blogger AdSense applied reply’re getting the same kind, such as: Page Type, Postal, Invalid Content or insufficient content, etc.. then you’ve applied before AdSense known all these received such a reply.
AdSense on your blog or website if you do not follow the Terms And Conditions of AdSense application when you submit the Application will check and send a mail that due to insufficient content to your Page Type Error or not to take part in AdSense.
Page Type Error insufficient content or What? Now it has become a common question, knows just about AdSense’s engineer, but I’m here to discuss some of the necessary procedures in order to sign up for your Adsense is easy to process and you can be the owner of an approve Adsense account.
Requires top-level domains
Do you seriously want to do with AdSense? If the answer is yes then think of buying a custom domain or top-level domain, or a sub-domain of free applications at very low AdSense by Accept. Suppose you have a good brand, and you want to be promoting it online. This is a good way through the sub-domain can not be promoting.
Such sites are not trusted because of traffic. Your blog is a custom domain or top-level domain, then the chances are almost 100% of the Adsense Account Approve.
Genuine and Quality Content
Original and quality content to add to the blog all the time, to refrain from any copy and paste. Please note that the content of your blog is going to follow the AdSense Terms And Conditions, to prepare for the creation of a new article keep in mind the following points.
  1. When you blog on the type of spam or hacking always tag Angkor Dofollow attribute.
  2. Try to keep minimum number 250 words article.
  3. Forced to the reader order to click on ads or requests do not apply.
  4. Use your blog to another blog refrain from the images, using the image of the other blogs you can infringe copyright. Because on the Internet goes under the copyright of all the images automatically. Create your own blog so clean images.
Create some static pages
Some static pages will keep you on the blog, if you blog on Blogger, you can create static pages to about 20. Option to create static pages to exploit blog. Blog all the time, About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy Create pages. Privacy Policy is an important page for the blog pages. To describe the nature of your blog content and visitor to AdSense which is a matter of preference.
Nice way to template design
Customize the template you are using the blog to be a better way, it must not be a design flaw, then you can not design your own template to download or buy a premium template.
Imagine another shot in following points before submitting the application.
  • Blog or website home page size.
  • Make sure about the menubar. So it is not a design flaw.
  • Credits and Privacy Policy in the footer section of the site to keep information.
  • Removes the element from the template overflow.
  • Add widgets or gadgets blog sharing and subcripition.
One thing we must keep in mind, that the applications are submitted to Google, we do not check any of these people. Bots are for dynamic website. It works like a machine, so if all the accounts to Approve.

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