Free Fire MAX OB33 update release date and time for all regions

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Garena distributes the updates for Free Fire MAX on the same day it is released for Free Fire. Following a series of tests on the Advance Server of the upcoming features, the highly anticipated OB33 update will go live on 23 March, i.e., today.

The OB33 version includes new game-changing elements and features events around the recently revealed collaboration with the Korean band BTS. This has pumped up users, and it will only be a matter of hours before they can get a first-hand experience of new features and content.

Free Fire MAX OB33 update

Release date and time


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the past, the game’s patches were released a few hours into the scheduled server maintenance break. Gamers can expect the patch to start rolling out at a similar time.

However, they cannot access the title until maintenance is complete, even after downloading the current version.

If users attempt to play Free Fire MAX during this time frame, they will receive an error message stating “Server is not yet live” or “Server will be available shortly” and will be required to wait.

The developers have communicated to the players on different servers about the maintenance schedule through social media posts.

For most servers, the break begins at 4.00 am (UTC +0) and will last several hours. In comparison, there is some difference in the end times, and the maintenance will conclude at around 10.00 am (UTC +0)

Hence, the expected time for updates is as follows:

  • Bangladesh – 10.30 am
  • Nepal – 10.45 am
  • England – 5.30 am
  • USA – 1.30 am (New York time)
  • Indonesia – 12.30 pm
  • Japan – 2.30 pm
  • Brazil – 2.30 am (Sao Paulo)
  • Europe – 6.30 am (CET)

Once available, gamers can download it through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Android users also have the option to use APK and OBB.

Note: The developers have not revealed the exact time for the update’s release. These are just expected timings based on previous patches.


Here are some key features of the Free Fire OB33 update:

  • Get free characters with LINK!
  • Character rework and buff, including Rafael, Nikita, A124, Otho, Thiva, and Steffie.
  • A new weapon called G36 is available.
  • New Credit System.
  • New Kenta character.
  • Weapon balancing, including AUG, XM8, and more.
  • In-game optimization.
  • Other Adjustments, including UI improvement.
  • Resource Download Center Expansions.

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