Garena Free Fire Advance Server registration details, download link, features, website, and more

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Garena Free Fire Advance Server registration details, download link, features, website, and more.

What is Free Fire Advanced server?  How to register on free fire advanced server, A Complete Guide


Players are keenly waiting for the arrival of Free Fire’s OB33 version update, as it is expected to bring tons of new features to the game. Before the patch update, Garena launched the OB33 Advance Server to tease the upcoming content.

The Advance Server is still online, having started the previous week. The public test phase is culminating tomorrow, i.e., 17 March, and the content will make its way into the game after the official launch date of the patch update.


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Garena Free Fire Advance Server: Everything about the OB33 beta testing phase

Is there an official website for Advance Server?

The official website for the Advance Server (Image via Garena)

Advance Server has an official website, which Garena updates before every patch update. Players can click here to visit the official Advance Server website.

What is the timeline of Advance Server?

Each Free Fire Advance Server stays online for a week, and the current one is no different. The OB33 Advance Server started on 10 March and ends on 17 March.

Advance Server: Registration process, download link, and Activation Code

Players can access the Advance Server only after receiving the Activation Code, which they can receive after registering for it. Users can follow the steps below to register for this program:

Step 1: Open the official website by using the link given above.

Step 2: Register using Facebook or Google account by tapping on their desired option.

Step 3: Fill in the name, e-mail ID, and active mobile/contact number, and tap Confirm.

“The Activation Code and APK download link will become visible on the webpage 

The Activation Code and APK download link will become visible on the webpage (Image via Garena)

Step 4: The registration is complete, and the download link will be visible on the webpage. Hence, gamers can download the Advance Server APK.

The Activation Code will become visible on the same page after the developers’ approval. Players can copy the same to access the Advance Server.

New features

The new patch update brings plenty of new optimizations and additions. The Advance Server features plenty of them, which includes the following:

  • New pet: Zasil is the new pet with a skill named “Extra Luck,” allowing users to improve the chance of finding medical equipment after they have used one.
  • New character: A new character with “Swordsman’s Wrath” ability was listed in the Advance Server. However, the looks and official name will be announced later.
  • New weapons: The OB33 Advance Server featured two new assault rifles — F2000 and G36 — most likely to arrive via the patch update.
  • New mode: Another OB33 feature making its way through the main update is the Zombie invasion mode, likely to feature a tweaked Bermuda map with monsters.
  • Character Link feature: Players will be able to procure their favorite characters via the upcoming “Link” feature in Free Fire.
  • Credit System: Garena will introduce the new Credit System to keep Free Fire’s gameplay fair with positive reinforcement.

There hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the release date, but the update will most likely roll out around 23 and 24 March. Readers can click here to read news from Sportskeeda’s Free Fire section.

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