Get free MP40 New Year Weapon Loot Crate

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In Free Fire, the majority of the products demand the use of diamonds, and if players are looking for ways to get free stuff, they can undoubtedly finish their quest with redeem codes or events. Many users favor the former simply because it requires less effort and allows for faster prize collection.

These codes can be 12/16 characters long and contain capital letters as well as numeric characters. Garena offers these redemption codes on a regular basis, and the majority of the time, they come with a box as a prize.

Note that Free Fire is illegal in India, and Indian gamers should avoid downloading or installing it.

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Free Fire redeem code for 27 March 2022

Redeem code: WCMERVCMUSZ9

Rewards: 1x MP40 New Year Weapon Loot Crate

Server: Europe

Many users may dismiss this gift as little, yet depending on the server, this crate can cost a few gems. Furthermore, if they are fortunate enough, they may be awarded with a permanent gun skin, which is incredibly desirable and costly if presented during a special event.

Gamers can utilize this link to go to a portal where they can get redeem codes for different servers.

Players should keep in mind that this Free Fire redemption code is only applicable for players on the European server and cannot be used by anyone else. Let’s say they don’t follow the server restriction and try to use it on another server. An error message will appear in this situation.

Steps to use Free Fire redeem codes

It is not at all difficult to use the Free Fire redeem code, and here is a simple guide to attaining the rewards:

Step 1: Players should visit the Rewards Redemption Site, set up by Garena, especially for the use of redemption codes. If users have any confusion, they may utilize the link given below:

Website: Click here.

Step 2: The website entails users signing in to their Free Fire ID before using the redeem code. Moreover, any gamer utilizing a guest account cannot redeem the rewards and can first consider heading to the settings section to bind it.

Step 3: Once the sign-in is successful, users can paste the redeem code in the text field.

It is important to note that the code must belong to a particular region and must not have expired. In either case, errors will be displayed, and gamers cannot avail of the rewards, and all they can do is wait for the new codes to be released.

Step 4: A message will show when they click on the confirm button, informing them of the name of the incentives. Click okay, and the rewards will be sent directly to the account.

Step 5: Finally, users can sign in to their account to receive the rewards from the mail section.

Users can open this given crate to acquire MP40 – New Year. It may be a trial card for seven days, three days and 24 hours, or even a permanent one

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