Seratune facebook fanepage like box

How To Add Facebook Like box To Blogger

Facebook fanpage is needed for every website because by adding the Facebook fan page to your blog it will give more exposure in social media. When you share any interesting posts about your blog on Facebook then the users will be able to view who liked your fan page. So by adding this Facebook likebox the users who visit your website will connect through social media I mean they like your fan page when you place this like box on your blog.

Steps To Add Facebook Like Box To Blogger

First go to this and enter your Facebook page url.
Enter the width and height which perfectly matches your blog as shown in the screen shot. You can also choose whether to hide the cover photo or to show the friends faces and also you can hide or show the posts which are posted by you on Facebook fan page. In tabs section you can also select the timeline which displays the recently updated posts by the fanpage and you can also select the messages and events which is updated by the fan page because by selecting this tabs option you can view other things like events, messages, timeline etc which is new feature added by the Facebook.

Seratune facebook fanepage like box

My recommendation is for best view you should not select the show page posts and also leave the tabs section because when Facebook fan page is added to your blog your blog speed loads slow compare to regular speed of your blog. After selecting all the options sucessfully now click get code option and your like box code will popup as shown in the below figure.

facebook like box code
Now copy any one of the code to the blogger HTML/JAVASCRIPT area. To do this you have to login to your blogger and click layout.
blogger layout
After clicking layout button as shown in the above image the blogger layout window will be displayed and just click add gadget button any where on your blog but adding facebook like box in blog sidebar gives attraction to the users and also t your blog. so click on add gadget in the sidebar area.
After clicking add gadget a window will popup now select HTML/JAVASCRIPT to add the Facebook like box code.
After that copy the code from the facebook which i have explained in the above i mean copy the HTML/JAVASCRIPT code to this window as shown in the below image.


Now click save and view your blog you can see your facebook like box. There is no problem by adding this widget to your blog but one thing is you can see your page load time will decrease. This is because facebook like box uses javascript and other codes which makes website loads slow as this like box code should be loaded in order to show it on your blog. By adding this you can see the increase of your users on your facebook page.

Imran Mir

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