How To Add Featured Post in a Blogger

The most useful featured post widget is announced by the blogger. This widget helps to add the featured post in blogger.  By adding this widget you can easily highlight the post you want to view as featured post in blogger homepage.  Previously bloggers are searching for this type of featured post, some of them have used some codes to add the feature post but by this widget in blogger you can add without coding.

-> Follow the below steps to add Featured Post Widget in blogger

  • First you need to sign in to your blogger dashboard with your Google account.
  • Next click the layout button is located in the blogger dashboard.
  • After that click add gadget button next select the feature post.
  • In the gadget title area add your own title or leave it as featured post or leave it has blank.
  • Select the post which you like to view as featured post in your blog. After that you will see a preview of your post. Now you can get an idea how your post looks.
  • Tick the title option to show the post title and also tick the image to show the post image.
  • There is also an option labels by selecting the labels you can have the specific posts in that label so that you can select the post you want.
  • Now click the save button after performing all the actions in the featured post widget. Now you should drag the feature post widget where ever you want to display.
  • My suggestion is drag to the above posts so that a user who visits your blog can easily understands it has feature post.
  • After dragging the widget to above posts just save and click view blog and you can see the featured post above the other normal posts in your blog.
  • Image will be bigger with this widget but no problems you can easily modify through the css in your template editor.
  • To make the image small just go to the template in your dashboard. And click Edit template and search for .image. if you wont add this featured post widget it wont display because it default comes with this featured post widget so make sure you should add the featured post widget as I said in the above instructions.
  • So you may see the .image if you search there may be like width: 100%; now modify it to width: 300px; and height 150; or you can specify your own width and height of the image you want to display.  Now click save and next view blog.


I have made the step by step instructions you can follow using below tutorial

The featured post widget is most useful widget in blogger. Because before release of this widget many blogger users are adding the featured post through coding as it is possible but without coding now you can simply add featured post by using this widget. These may be useful for all kind of bloggers but especially it is good for niche blogs as it is must needed widget for them.

Imran Mir

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