How To Create a First Blog on Blogger

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Blogger platform is the oldest platform is operated by the Google. Blogger is the best platform to create a first blog because it provides the basic instructions which is easily understandable for newbies. You can create the sub domain in blogger like and you can also able to add custom domain like But if you won’t have money to buy the custom domain, so you need to create your sub domain blog on blogger.

A blog is not only created for business but also created to share your daily experiences happening in your daily life.  The users also create blog for sharing purposes like students create blog to provide free eBooks and also share their projects in their blog for the use of other students.   Some may also blog for hobby to share their life time experiences, jokes and fun images. Due to this the blogger is the basic way to create the blog, You should not need to have highly experience but should only have basic internet experience. Below are the important steps which are useful to create your first blog on blogger.

Steps To Create Your First Blog on Blogger
  • Go to Blogger, If you have Google account it is ok or if you don’t have create one.
  • After going to blogger.  You should enter your email and password and click signin as shown in the below figure.
blogger login
  • After entering your email and password you will be sent to the new window where all your blogs are listed. In this  you can able to create your first dream blog.
start new blog
  • In the above image you should first click the New blog option after that a pop up window appears.
how to name your blog
  • After appearing the new window name your title of your blog like my blog, and address like Next choose your template, choose the template what ever you like from the template dashboard but you can change it later. After choosing title, address and template click create blog.
  • After that the new window will appear that is nothing but your blog dashboard where you can manage your blog like posts, pages, settings, comments, blog template and layout etc.
  • Before viewing your blog just create one new post  by clicking new post button is located on the top of the right side bar.
blogger dashboard
  • The publisher window will appear where you can write your first posts and for writing post you should provide your post title and post description. In the below image you can look the post title and post description.  After describing your post click publish to see your first post.
blog post
That’s it you have posted your first post and you can view your blog by clicking view blog on the top of your blogger dashboard.
view blog
After clicking view blog option you will be redirected to your blogspot blog so you have now got the idea how your blogspot blog looks and just click your post to view your complete post on your blogspot blog home page.
blogger home page
Before starting Bloggingwala even I don’t know to create a blog on blogger so above steps will help you to create free blog on blogger. In this post I have only mention to create blog, mentioning to many things like design settings etc will confuse you. So in next post I will write about basic things in blogger. No one is perfect so learn from beginning you will start as newbie but if you learn more about blogger platform you can become professional.
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Imran Mir

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