How to get Chrono in Free Fire (2022)

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Garena Free Fire’s most popular characters have gained a cult following. An example of an alternative character whose popularity has grown since his in-game debut is Chrono.

In December 2020, he was part of the Free Fire x Cristiano Ronaldo partnership and made his debut in the game.

An important factor in Chrono’s success is Cristiano Ronaldo’s engagement. Garena also provided various CR7 special edition souvenirs, including as emotes and the Cyber Bounty Hunter line of skins, in addition to the character’s introduction.

Because of character nerfs, Chrono is now one of the game’s weakest characters.

In spite of this, Chrono remains one of the most sought-after characters in Free Fire.

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Garena Free Fire: How to procure Chrono (2022)

There are two ways to acquire Chrono — via the in-game store or redeeming with LINK tokens.

Using in-game store

Step 1: Open the game and locate the “Store” tab on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: Players must tap on “Character” and scroll down until they spot Chrono.

Step 3: Select Chrono and click on “Purchase.”

Step 4: Pay 599 diamonds using the desired transaction method.

After a successful transaction, users can spot Chrono in the “Character” section, where they can upgrade him using memory and universal fragments.

Redeem Free Character event

There is an ongoing event that grants gamers a free character after completing a certain number of tasks. The daily assignments featured are:

  1. Play one match
  2. Kill five enemies
  3. Register booyah once in CS mode
  4. Reach top five, one in BR mode
  5. Play 60 minutes
  6. Play eight matches
  7. Play 80 minutes
  8. Play 12 matches

Players can earn a total of 11 LINK tokens by completing the game’s objectives. Additionally, they can purchase four LINK tokens a day from the “Item” area of the in-game market. This means that players have the ability to obtain up to 15 tokens per day.


Players should touch on “Exchange Tokens” in the “Redeem Free Character” event after accumulating 100 tokens. A “Character Choice Crate” (limited to 99 redemptions) will be given to users that redeem, allowing them to choose their favorite character.

The character redemption event started on 24 March and will culminate in Free Fire on 15 April. Hence, fans have a limited period to acquire their favorite character, including Chrono, at no cost.

The much-awaited “LINK” system is yet to go online, so players will need to wait a little longer to avail this luxury.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India as of 14 February. Gamers should download and use the MAX variant to acquire free rewards.

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