How to Increase CTR Article on website

Your article CTR is one of those statistics that people follow and rejoice, but seldom do they really understand the meaning.
Of course you get the idea that increasing the CTR article means that people will click and go to our website … but that’s all.

If you are satisfied with 3% CTR or do you want a 30% CTR?
Jeff Johnson said that achieving a 30% CTR email campaigns is a fluke and the opening is generally about 10%.
This is the problem with the e-mail. I do not really know why they signed actually know what they want from this email, or do you respond to their questions in an email and then they are gone?

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But with objects people come to your article. Send not what you think people like. They may appear in the ranking of search engines and are in the process targeted for a particular keyword.
It does not matter if you are 4 people or 400 people for your article, if you do not do what you want them to do that the item is worthless.

Your article CTR then it depends on your resource box? In a way it may yes. Since the resource box which is directly related to your article. You should never sign a generic because this article may not be related.

I wrote about the foods that regulate blood pressure. And then my resource box at their disposal to put pressure layer is a generic signature.

My CTR is low, such as very low. Why?
Because it is simply does not reflect the article. If I gave him a book of diet low blood pressure I had some success. Or I could get a better CTR as pre-sold via a landing page that had much more dietary advice. That would recognize more people and thus increase the conversion of visitors into paying customers.

Your resource box is therefore not a tool to make money automatically far from it. What it is a feeling that you want. And you can take just a few things:
1 – someone buys something on the homepage
2-1 of enrollment
3 – increase your AdSense revenue by placing ads.

But the resource box is necessary because it allows you to work backwards. If you know what result you want, you can design to achieve this goal. Product if first article, then your goal, your article CTR reduced each time.

I wanted to sell on the model of AdSense a product. Now the item is not Adsense is about, but in reality the best investments for AdSense and why. Then the visitor will want to know more and to be sent to my second article is about how I increased my AdSense CTR using templates.

An article warms visitors already warm (they want to know on the subject), the other paper proposes a simple solution for creating AdSense positions.
Every time I increased my CTR department because I worked backwards

Imran Mir

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