How to Increase Subscribers to RSS Feed

Many website owners use RSS Feed to increase their website traffic but failed to get enough subscribers to take complete benefit of having a RSS Feed on their website. The most basic thing is to realize that you need to utilize every marketing tool to promote your website. Utilization a toll does not stand for installing and then forgetting (what the majority marketers do). Utilization stands for a strategic implementation of a tool to get the most benefit out of it. In implementing and managing your RSS, you may choose to follow certain principles:
1. Visibility of the Feed: People should instantly know that RSS Feed is available for your site. Some blogs owners do the primary mistake of locating the RSS link that most of the people forget to subscribe to it. They overlook that like other promotional tools, RSS link needs to be visible to the visitors. The best thing in effective utilizing the RSS service is to locate it near the header or along the side bar to make it more noticeable to visitors.
2. Promoting RSS Feed with an Image: Like other marketing tools, RSS Feed also needs better image building and eye-catching image. You may choose to put an image of RSS that make it stand out among the other images or an image that better represents your site and possess distinct qualities of the services you are providing. In this way, people will get to remember your site more than without such an image.
3. Educate Your Readers: Your most basic aim is to educate your readers about using RSS. Many people do not know on how to use RSS and they think that bookmarking is the only way to get back to a site. So, when they have to re-install their windows due to some software crash, they would be unable to remember hundreds of bookmarks and then regret about it. The problem is that they do not know anything about RSS. It is a website owner duty to put explanatory text with the RSS Subscription link to illuminate their visitors. It can be a difficult thing in the beginning but if you educate them, it will be useful for you equally.
4. Offer RSS to Email Services: You can also offer to provide Feed through Email. If you think that your RSS subscribers are still lower than your visitors trend and you do not want to waste time in educating them, then you may choose to provide the Feed service through Email. So in this way you will be able to utilize your RSS Feed and the readers will get the updates in a familiar format.
5. Bonus to Fees Readers: It is advisable to give different bonuses and incentives to your feed subscribers that will not be available otherwise. It will encourage people to subscribe to your news feed and get in touch with the content you are providing through a more accurate and reliable source.

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