How to Make a Popular Blog on Blogger

Do you want to make a successful blog on blogger? You came to the right way. This step-by-step trick will teach that in few minutes.

  • This trick will only work on blogger.


Step by Step Guide – Make a Popular Blog on Blogger

1. Choose a theme. Every blog has a theme, whether it’s gaming, animals, book reviews, or just ramblings. After you choose a theme, create a google account if you don’t have one.
2. Go to, log in, and select “New Blog”. There will be a “naming your blog pop-up”. The title will appear at the top of your blog. The address is what you’ll type in to get to your blog. Name your blog, and write your preferred web address. If it’s taken,a yellow box with an exclamation point will show up. If it does you will have to try a different web address. The title can stay the same. The title and web address can be changed later, but it is not recommended.
How to create a popular blog on blogger blogspot
3. Choose the template that best fits your blog subject. Then, hit “create blog”.
4. A pop-up will appear saying,”Your blog has been created. start posting|dismiss” Click start posting.
5. It will bring you to the typical post window. It is like a standard typing window. Type your post, then hit “Publish”.(If there is a pop-up, hit cancel. That’s what you would generally want to do.)
6. That will bring you to the main menu. If you would ever want to make a new post, click “new post”. But for now, go to “layout”, and click it. It will bring you to a “map” of your blog’s layout.
7. There will be a bunch of “add a gadget” spaces. Click the one above “blog archive”. * Read the next 2 steps before you switch windows to do this step.
8. Scroll down until you get to “Blog Stats” (The other things on this list are useful too, read them sometime.)
9. Click on it. Select a style and hit save! It should bring you to layout. To go back to your main menu, click “posts”. To view your blog hit “view blog”.
10. Post some interesting things, and have fun with your popular blog.
Please share this trick with others and give them a chance to win the blogging world.
Happy Blogging!

Imran Mir

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