How to top up Free Fire diamonds to pre-order Elite Pass Season 47

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Garena publishes a new Elite Pass in Free Fire at the beginning of each month, with a slew of new cosmetics. It is a practical approach for numerous individuals to obtain a diverse range of appealing cosmetics for a relatively small number of diamonds.

Typically, a few days before the start of each new Elite Pass, the creators will provide an option to purchase the Elite Bundle, which includes a special prize that consumers will not be able to receive afterwards. Season 46 is nearing completion, and Season 47 pre-orders are set to begin soon.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India, so gamers from the country should refrain from installing or playing the game on their device.

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Guide to purchasing diamonds for Free Fire Elite Pass Season 47

The Scrolls of Azure is the name of the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 47, according to leaks. Pre-orders are expected to begin on March 29 and run until the end of the month.

It will cost 999 diamonds and will feature all of the benefits of the Elite Bundle, as well as the Sheer Hat as a prize.

The steps to purchase the diamonds are:

Step 1: Access the top-up section within the game.

The price of diamonds (Image via Garena)
The price of diamonds (Image via Garena)

Step 2: Users should select the required number of diamonds to pre-order the pass.

Step 3: Once they have successfully completed the transaction, the diamonds will be added to their account.

Steps for pre-ordering

Players can open the Elite Pass area and touch on the pre-order option beside the upgrade button once the pre-order is available. To pre-order the pass, they can click on the 999-diamond symbol and complete the transaction. They will then be eligible for pre-order bonuses.

Elite Pass pre-order for the previous season (Image via Garena)
Elite Pass pre-order for the previous season (Image via Garena)

Gamers can also purchase the pass after its release on 1 April, and the price for it will vary from server to server. However, if they are interested in procuring the Elite Bundle, a pre-order would undoubtedly be better.

Leaked rewards

Leaks for the Free Fire Elite Pass are generally available a few months in advance, and many players already have an idea of the rewards. Some of the most critical leaked items about the pass are:

  • 0 badge: Jeep – Sky Legend
  • Ten badges: Azure Myth avatar
  • 15 badges: Faraway Fog Jacket
  • 50 badges: Inktail Duchess Bundle
  • 80 badges: M60 – Porcelain Rush
  • 100 badges: Bamboo Scroll
  • 125 badges: P90 – Porcelain Rush
  • 150 badges: Scenic Pond Loot Box
  • 195 badges: Lotus Throne Backpack
  • 225 badges: Brushtail Duke Bundle

Note: These are leaks and not the final rewards.

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