How You Can Get Targeted Traffic Through Keyword Targeting

So, you want targeted traffic, but you don’t know how to do it? The trick is in the research you do on your keywords, and how you use them. If you do the research to find the right keywords, place them in the right places, and use them often, you will often get the target traffic you are looking for.
Getting traffic to you website is pretty easy, but not always effective. Making a huge claim gets everyone clicking on your link, but if they weren’t clicking to see what you have to offer or your claim is false, they are going to go away pretty fast. If you want targeted traffic, then your backlinks need to be obvious where they are going. Your audience should want to click on it because where they go is where they want to go. Your articles, blog sites, and forums you comment on need to be targeted. When I say targeted, I mean you go where your audience is. If you are marketing dog training, dog food, or other dog related things, you will go where there are dog lovers. But to get your articles and blogs noticed, you need keyword targeting.
Keyword targeting isn’t as hard as it sounds. Using free tools online such as Google Adwords, you can find the keywords that will get you the best search potential. Start with a general idea of what search term you want to check. The fastest way to come up with a search term is to start typing in the Google search box, and let it give you suggestions. What you get is called a long tail keyword. You will then use the long tail keyword to find more long tail keywords in AdWords. Try to narrow your keywords to ones that get high traffic, but not high competition. It takes time to work it, but you can do it. Then you use the best keywords you find.
OK, so you’ve done some research and you have your targeted keywords that you think will help you, what do you do with them? You write your blog articles using this long tail keyword phrase. Place it in your title, or use it for your title. Don’t just repeat the keywords over and over. Find ways to include them in your content, but it has to make sense and work with the rest of the content. Remember to target the right audience and give them good content. If what you are saying isn’t helpful to them, they won’t read your article and you will lose them pretty fast. Before you know it you will have targeted traffic coming through your keyword targeting used in your article.

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