Increase and Increase CPC Rates Click Google Adsense Small

In the last few years, we often find Google Adsense revenue getting smaller and lower. This is particularly often seen by bloggers who have few visitors and who also have a blog in Indonesian language. Similarly with youtube adsense, for the country of Indonesia, the value of the click plus the most destroyed.


Friends in my fb, many are trying to download screenshots of their adsense results. On average, every AdSense for www.beutylandist.sitecontent (AdSense blog), for Indonesian-speaking blogs, has a CPC range of $2 to $5. It is often up and down for no apparent reason.

In fact, what is the cause ?, Why the price or the value cpc and google adsense bpk decreased? How to increase and increase the CPC value of google adsense? just see the explanation below.

1. What is the meaning and extension of the word CPC?
Before discussing on how to increase or increase the price per click adsense ads. It would be nice if we knew CPC and CPC first. CPC means “cost per click”, while CPC means “cost per click”. The same is true, using only two terms in different languages. One uses Indonesian and the other uses English.

CPC or CPC is the amount of the value or price of each valid click on your AdSense ads. The higher the CPC or CPC value, the higher your income. If you have a 2000 rupiah CPC, then every 1x click on your ad, you will earn 2000 rupiah. Of course, the big factor is the cheap CPC or CPC, your adsense ads depend on various factors.

2. How to increase and increase CPC price values
High CPC low CPC adsense prices are influenced by many factors and also the luck of each person. All there is knowledge, not suddenly CPC becomes high, but some are because of luck and sustenance, without much effort, he still gets a high CPC value.

Instead of confusing yourself, here are some factors that affect the CPC price high-low (cheap-cheap).

A. Language used in a website or blog
The language used in a site will greatly affect the type of ads that will be displayed on the site you manage. If you create a blog with English, of course, it will attract visitors from countries that generally use the English language in their daily lives. Of course, we also know that visitors to Level 1 countries that use English will produce a higher CPC score. Compared to level 2/3 countries that do not use English, call it as Indonesia. Obviously Indonesian language blog will lose a lot of CPC value compared to the CPC bule blog value.

B. Niche of a site or a blog
Blogs specific to niches will be easier to get a CPC value more expensive. In comparison with blogs or sites gado-gado (blog mix). Because the adsense ads of specific berniche blogs are more targeted and targeted than the gado-gado blog that discuss them a lot. However, everything depends on the taste of each person. Everything has its own benefits, so specific berniche blogs get visitors from a niche that is targeted only. Then, the gado-gado blog will get visitors from various niches or articles they publish. Thus, most blogs have more visitors than a specific berniche blog. And of course, the gado-gado blog is a great opportunity to get more clicks.

C. The origin of site visitors or blogs
Blogs that have organic visitor traffic will find it easier to get a higher CPC / CPC score than blogs or sites that get social media visitors or sites other than their other search engines. Indeed, organic visitors prefer to find the information they search on search engines (eg google search), so that advertisements are more targeted and that visitors click more easily on advertisements than on sosmés or other traffics suspects.

D. Device or gadget used by website visitors or blog
The value of the clicks of each gadget and device used by visitors / visitors will have a significant impact on the price of click AdSense ads. The price of clicks google adsense will be different from one device to another. For example, the price of the click of a Java phone would be cheaper than a click from a smartphone or iPhone Android. Neither with the browser they carry, will greatly affect the price up-down per click advertising.

E. AdSense ad unit type
AdSense ad unit types also have variable prices. Adsense ads with text and banner types that support or support mobile and desktop views (for example, 300×250 ad units) will be more expensive than the adsense link / link type and other types of ads. But not always, because the wheel is still spinning. Thus, the price of adsense ads will continue to change, depending on the advertisers who set the price of adsense.

F. Number of adsense ad units
Believe it or not. The more adsense ads are placed on one page of your site or blog, the lower the CPC price of your AdSense ads. And the fewer ad units you place in a single-page blog, the higher the CPC on your blog. If you do not believe it, you can try it. Compare the installation of two or three AdSense ad units by installing a 5 ^ ad unit on one page. Wait 1 week and see the CPC price difference on your site.

G. Filtering adsense ads
Some adsense ads have a small cpc value. To increase the price per click your adsense ads. You can block AdSense ads that you suspect have a small price cpc / cpc. For example, as the announcement husband *****

H. Ad Balance adsense
The AdSense Dashboard’s Ad Balance feature can help you increase the value of your AdSense ad clicks. The lower the percentage of ad impressions you display on your blog or website, the higher the CPC value of your AdSense ad blog. Of course, if you reduce the percentage of ad impressions on your blog, you get fewer clicks. But of course, the ads that will appear on your blog are an ad that has an expensive value or a CPC price.

I. Time of visitor’s visit / visitor’s blog
The most comfortable and longest site visitor or visitor read and use the various facilities installed on your site and your blog. the higher the CPC value of your adsense ads. then from that, google adsense create a new feature, the content corresponding to the feature. With the functionality, the visitors.

Yes, this is the number of factors that can generally affect the CPC price of your AdSense ads. Among the various factors mentioned above, it can be concluded. To increase and increase the CPC value of your Google AdSense ads. You must.

  1. Create a blog / site in English.
  2. Create blogs / sites with a specific niche (for example, health niche only, business niche only, etc.).
  3. Install the adsense text ad unit + the responsive image.
  4. Install a maximum of 3 adsense ads units on each page / blog site.
  5. Filter each ad that will appear on your site. Block all ads that are suspected to have low CPC values.
  6. Enable the Advertising Balance feature with a percentage of 70%.
  7. Leisure visitors n ° 1. make visitors feel at home and linger on your website or blog.

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