PUBG Sniper 1- Shot For Mobile BGmi Mod Auto Headshot Max

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Pubg Sniper 1 shot For Mobile BGmi Mod Auto Headshot. BGMI +GL + KR

New Bullet Tracking Mod One Shot 4 Kill super Mod.  Auto HeadShot Max Available For Free. magnetic Aimbot Aimlock Ultra Damage 99% Ultra AimLock. Super Aim assist sniper shot.


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Special feature

If You Get Banned From This app I Am Not Responsible.


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new PUBG snipers only playlist is the ideal place to hone your skills with a sniper rifle. In the normal battle royale mode, it’s difficult to get enough time to truly master sniping, as they are rare items. The new PUBG “One Shot, One Kill” War Mode offers players a limited time playlist in which everyone is armed with a sniper rifle. As with all previous War Mode iterations, respawns are enabled, making for a less intense and punishing experience. It’s a fantastic training ground!

PUBG Snipers Only: What Are the Rules for the New War Mode?

The new PUBG snipers only mode introduces new rules to War Mode, making it very different to what has come before. This time around, the focus is on sniping. All players are equipped with a Kar98k combined with a 4x scope, a random pistol, a grenade, and some healing items. Users are also given a ghillie suit and level 1 armor.

Though players are put into three teams of 10, there won’t be any reviving, as all players are killed when they would normally go down. This should make for more satisfying gunfights, where players don’t just sit there constantly reviving teammates.

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