Remove archive pages from search engine to avoid duplicate contenta

This tutorial will help you to remove archive pages from search engine and block robots to index archive pages in blogger platform. Also it will help to deindex these pages using noindex tags.
The search engine robots when they came to crawl a blogger blog, they index some additional pages such as archive pages.Since the archive page contain the information of list of posts , the robots crawl it as duplicate content and index it. When google panda or penguin algorthim starts they penalize the blog which has duplicate content on them , but actually there is no duplicate content exist ,because robots don’t know about the archives pages.
Remove duplicate content.

How to find if your blog has archive links in search engine?

There are two methods to find
1. Google webmaster tool: if your site is added in goolge webmaster tool you can see duplicate content  in the HTML improvement tab.
2. Search engine :
Type this code in , replace yourblogname with your Url , and you will see on the first page the list of archive pages that are indexed by robots.
How to noindex archive pages.
Now if you want completely remove archive pages from search engine follow any of the methods but 2 and 3 is best you can apply all these method

Method 1: To Optimize Archive links in blogger

Note the archive links will only appear on your blog if you add the archive widget. If you have not added the archive post widget to your blog then you can skip this part.
Go to blogger blog >Template > Edit html
Search for this code inside your template: (Control+F)
<a class=’post-count-link’ expr:href=’data:i.url’>
Replace it with this:
<a rel=”archives” class=’post-count-link’ expr:href=’data:i.url’>

Method 2 Custom Robots header tags

Go to blogger blog >Setting > Search preferences > enable custom robots header tags
and do the following settings as shown in screen shot
Custom Robots header tag setting blogger

Method 3 Using Noindex code

Go to blogger blog >Template > Edit html
Find <head> and after that paste this code and click save
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;archive&quot;’>
<meta content=’noindex,noarchive’ name=’robots’/>
Now you will see in 5 to 30 days the archive link will disappear from google search and google webmaster tool. Be patient this process can take some time but it will completely remove archive pages.

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