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Of the many things in a person’s wallet, what is not lacking is a credit card, it is not news that many people make payments using a credit card, Brazil is the country that most uses credit cards in throughout Latin America, and more than 145 million credit cards are produced under various brands, the main ones being: Mastercard, which has around 66 million credit cards; Visa, having around 37 million cards; Elo, having 7 million cards with its flag.


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Brazil there are several banks, and all these banks offer people the possibility of having a credit card, nowadays it is easy to have a credit card, just be of legal age and have your name clean, the card limit goes according to your monthly income, we’ll talk about that later, all banks offer you credit cards, but not all offer the same functions, or the same services, this varies from bank to bank, so what’s left is for you to choose where it is more suitable, some have fees, annuity, others have no fees at all, and so their different differences are.

The credit card was made to make it easier for some people to make certain types of payments, because with it you can pay something after a month and if you want you can split (install) the amount, this is a good point, but it also ends up being dangerous for people who don’t have their own domain and get involved in debt, so before you have a credit card ask yourself a question “Will I be able to control my debts?” Anyway, as said, there are several credit cards from a particular bank, and you can look for the best service for you, but here we are going to be introducing you to a bank that you might like and request the credit service.


Nubank is a bank that anticipated a part of financial services, Nubank is a pioneer company in relation to financial services and currently it operates in credit card operations and fintech which is a financial technology service, the bank was built on May 6 of 2013 having its headquarters founded in the city of São Paulo (Capital), the owner of Nubank is David Vélez, but its founders besides the president with the aforementioned name were Edward Wible and Cristina Junqueira. Nubank is not only available in Brazil, but also in several countries around the world, in 2014 they launched their first international credit card.


Nubank has some services, there are not many more there are the main ones, all Nubank’s service is digital, but you can also talk to an attendant, for some customers there is also the possibility of getting a loan, if necessary, and without being new you have the cards, both for debit and credit, and the two functions, debit and credit, you can have in a single card.

And if you want to do some service at the bank, such as paying a bill in boleto, like, water, electricity and any other type of boleto, you can do it through the application, and the most interesting thing is that if your boleto is late, Nubank calculates late fees and fees that are added, and you can pay by scanning the barcode, in addition the transfers are also fully digital, you can transfer to any bank without paying any fees.


You can request the Nubank credit card either through the official website or through the application itself, which is accessible on most cell phones, creating the account and fill in all the information correctly, as your first information will help you have the credit card when you requested, remembering that to have a Nubank credit card it is necessary to be over 18 years old, this is a rule in all banks, so there is nothing new. Once your account is open, you will receive your debit card and then you can request the credit function through the app, just wait for the analysis and see if you succeeded or not, if you did not, just wait another 3 months to try again.

It is worth mentioning that Nubank does not charge any fee to keep your account open, or an annual fee for your credit card or anything like that, Nubank is a completely free bank with no fee, as is the case with digital banks, having seen that you you can see whether or not it is worth having a Nubank bank credit card.



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