Sooneeta’s Free Fire MAX ID, K/D ratio, stats, monthly income, and Discord in March 2022

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Sunita Thapa Magar, best known in the Free Fire MAX community by her IGN, Sooneeta, is one of Nepal’s most well-known YouTube video providers and significant content makers.

She’s recognized for her hilarious and insightful comments on her live streams, vlogs, shorts, and a few other game-related videos.

Sunita has joined Galaxy Racer as a content creator after representing Team Lava at a number of high-profile events, including FFIC 2020 Fall. She has amassed a sizable YouTube following and is on her way to reaching 5 million followers.

What is Sooneeta’s Free Fire MAX ID and stats?

Sooneeta’s Free Fire MAX ID is 131311296. Her stats as of 27 March 2022 are as follows:

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Sooneeta has played in 23647 squad games, winning 5533 of them, for a victory percentage of 23.39 percent. The content producer has a K/D ratio of 3.27 after 59227 eliminations.

In the 1940 duo games, on the other hand, she had 303 Booyahs and a win percentage of 15.61 percent. Sooneeta has 3583 kills, which equates to a kill-to-death ratio of 15.61 percent.

She has also played 960 solo games and has gone unbeaten 73 times, giving her a victory rate of 7.60 percent. The Nepalese player has defeated 1609 opponents, with a win K/D ratio of 1.81.

Ranked status

Sooneeta has 315 squad games under her belt, with 133 wins and a win rate of 42.22 percent. In these matches alone, she has 1646 kills and a kill-to-death ratio of 9.04.

She also has 11 duo bouts under her belt, five of which she has won, giving her a 45.45% win rate. The YouTuber has 62 frags with an 8.33 K/D ratio.

She hasn’t yet played any ranked solo games.

Sooneeta’s Free Fire MAX stats may change at any time.

a monthly income

According to Social Blade’s projections, Sooneeta’s YouTube channel generates between $8.2K and $131.5K every month. The yearly estimates are estimated to be in the range of $98.6K to $1.6M.


Readers may join her Discord server through this link.

YouTube channel

Sooneeta started the channel in September 2018 by uploading clips of her Free Fire gameplay and reached the coveted 1 million subscriber mark in the first month of 2020. Currently, she has already passed 950 uploads, which have resulted in 425 million views.

Even in the most recent month, her subscription count grew by 200 thousand, while her views jumped by 32.873 million percent, which is not a small number.

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