The Right Time To Use HTTPS Protocol On Your Blogger Blog!

Blogger team has now moved all the blogspot blogs to HTTPS protocol and made the option available to redirect visitors from HTTP to HTTPS using permanent (302) redirection method…

Yeah, you read it right! Now, it’s the right time when you would be glad to use and take benefit of Blogger’s new HTTPS feature. Blogger has made it awesome now, by enabling permanent redirection and in the whole post, we would talk about and give you information about the recent updates by the Blogger team in their HTTPS feature.

Since 27 April (I don’t remember the date correctly) Blogger team but was showing a notification about an upcoming update by them in Blogger. And now the update has been successful on Blogger. The update will now allow you to use the HTTPS Protocol on your blogger blog without any issues. It is now just like if you are using a paid HTTPS Certificate on your WordPress Blog/Website.

These days, Google is focusing on increasing the security of blogs and websites to provide users, a secure and pleasant environment for browsing if they are using Google to search what they want. Firstly, Google itself moved all its all support blogs from HTTP Protocol to HTTPS, and now, they are forcing the whole world to do the same. They forced them by providing a slight rank boost to secured sites and blogs. Google also has moved some of its services like Drive and Gmail and now, they have moved the Blogspot blogs to the next level of security. Undoubtedly, this is the part of “HTTPS Everywhere initiative” of Google, and if it is not, then whatever is it, it is a good move.

HTTPS is fundamental to internet security; it protects the integrity and confidentiality of data sent between websites and visitors’ browsers. -Google Security Blog
The most famous and loved blogs (like MOZ and Life Hacker) have also been moved from HTTP to HTTPS connection but still, some popular blogs like Mashable & TechCrunch aren’t on the list. However, there are tons of popular blogs’ owners that have their blog hosted on blogger, willing to adapt HTTPS but aren’t able to do so, so they are waiting.

What Is The Matter, Actually?
Actually, the matter is, Google has started an initiative to move the whole web’s websites and blogs to the secure connection, and that’s why it is trying some things to make them do so. Firstly, Google announced that they will be boosting the ranks for secured sites in their database, and now, Blogger, one of the Google’s owned company has announced that they will be giving free HTTPS certificates to the blogs hosted on Blogger.

This process was on the course until 3 May (read their previous announcement post below), which has now been completed. Now, Blogger Team has moved all the blogs hosted on Blogger into the secure connection, but they still have provided the option if the users want to permanent (302) redirect their users from HTTP to HTTPS or not; maybe because of the number of blogs those have the “mixed-content” issue.

Blogger team has removed “HTTPS Availability” settings and now, any blog spot blog can be accessed over both the connections, through HTTP and HTTPS. The best thing they did in this update was, they provided the option to redirect the visitors from HTTP to HTTPS if the blog’s owner want and if he/she/they has/have made their blog’s template ready for HTTPS and solved all the mixed content issues which are really a hectic task if you are using another person’s template (maybe a developer’s which is available for free on the internet).

So What Is Rest For You?
Are you thinking that what is required for you to do now? Just one thing- enable the redirection of your blog’s visitors from HTTP to HTTPS. Don’t worry; there would be no SEO issues if you are doing so and in fact, you would see your blog’s rank change within some days (slightly…).

Kindly Firstly keep in mind that you are shifting your blogger blog from HTTP to HTTPS and you should only do this if you are confident that your blog’s template would not create any problem over the HTTPS connection (see it first, just open your blog with Https:// and see if your template is perfect and as-it-was in HTTP connection to place in front of your visitors).

Now, if you have ensured that nothing would go wrong, and you can take the shift, then kindly follow the following steps to enable the redirection of visitors from HTTP to HTTPS connection:

Final Words
That’s all for now buddy. As soon as we get any update about Blogger team’s this update, we would post it here. It is worth noting that, HTTPS is not available for custom domains. So, if you have registered your blog on custom domain, don’t try to find those settings :p… By the way, I hope you have liked the article and would share it with your friends. Thanks

Imran Mir

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