Tips for Improving Your Blog’s Image

When I first started writing this article, it started off as ways to improve your site’s success.  Then when I was witting the conclusion of the article, I noticed that it was more about controlling the image of your site.  Here are seven tips which can control the way your blog’s image is protruded to it’s visitors.

1.  Design

I don’t know how many times this has been said, but design really plays an important part in a lot of things, not only websites.   Apple is considered the “hip and cool” computer to use, this is in part because of their advertising, and also because of their design.   When you ask any person if they like the design of any Windows based computer compared to an Apple made computer, you are more likely to have the person tell you that they like the Apple design.   Recently Tropicana redesigned their packaging.  The result was a 20% drop in sales.  This shows how much of an impact design has on people.

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2.  Knowing Your Audience.

Knowing who your audience is, is one of the fundamentals in writing.  You have to know where to meet your audience.   If your site is called Simple Photoshop Tutorials, you don’t want to skip steps in your tutorials which a more advanced user may understand. is a great example of a site which knows their audience.  They will give a step by step description as to what elements and attributes do.  On the other hand, assumes that you know a lot about the language.  The examples that they give will leave out important aspects which the writers assume you already know and understand.   Understanding who your audience is will make for sure you are connecting with your audience.

3.  Be Consistent

Consistency allows your users to connect with the site.   They know what to expect when they visit your site.   If you visit the site for Wired magazine, you are expecting something either related to the magazine’s latest edition or something along the same subject.  If you are blogging about current events, don’t start talking about your favorite comic.  The user won’t know what to expect next from your blog and may be turned away.

4. Add Your Personality

Don’t be afraid to put your own options in your blog.  After all a blog is similar to your personal journal or diary that you are letting the whole world read.  Going back to the news example, if you are a blogging about current events explain how you feel about the events.   If you don’t like a certain subject, voice your ideas and why you don’t like that subject.   Your visitors will appreciate your views, and be willing to share their own also.

5.  Interact With Your Visitors

Most popular blogging and content management software, like WordPress or Drupal, allows you to enable comments for visitors to give you feedback.   Replying to these comments, especially if you think it’s a great comment, will make a connection between you and your site’s visitors.   Even updating your blog entry to include additional information given by visitors is a way to interact with them.  Just remember to give credit to the visitor.

6.  Write About Something You Enjoy

Blogging can get very stale and old really quick.  To keep this from happening, write about something you enjoy doing.   If you enjoy building model cars and think that you can offer tips that will help other people who enjoy the same hobby blog about it.   Not only will you find it more fruitful and enjoyable, but you can interact with the your visitors a lot easier.

7.  Be Knowledgeable On Your Subject.

Blogging is more than just typing an article.   Knowing the subject will help you out along the way.  When blogging about electronics, it will be easier for you to connect with your audience if you know the difference between Ohms and Voltage.  If a visitor thinks you are rambling on about something that you don’t understand it will show.  It will also effect the image of your blog over time.  It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole basket.   If one user thinks you don’t know what you are writing about, then that user starts spreading word that you don’t know what you are talking about, it can hurt your blog a lot.   At the same time if you choose to interact with your visitors, being able to respond to complex questions will earn you additional respect.

The seven tips above won’t give you over night success, but it does allow you to control your site’s image.   Controlling your image means everything in the business world.  By making your site look well it builds a reputation, and with that reputation you are building a user base.   That user base will continue to grow if you can control the way your blogs image looks to the world.   Sites like Digg, Facebook, MySpace, and others didn’t become a “superstar” site over night.   They were able to make themselves look really good, and built a user base on this.   If we compare MySpace and Facebook, we can see that these two sites, although very similar, have completely different images.   Based on those images, determines what type of user’s they draw to the site.  Just remember, your blog’s image means everything.

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