Building backlinks to your site is always considered the easiest way to optimize any blog  to rank better in google search results and also other search engines to get decent traffic.This means that all backlinks that you build will be not useful,but it depends on the quality of the site from where you get the link.Building thousands of backlinks which is of not any value will make your blog to get penalized by search engines.There are many ways to get valuable backlinks and this post provide you some tips to use Yahoo Answers effectively which make your blog more visible in search engine eyes and also getting more traffic from it.

Though all links that you get from Yahoo answers are with nofollow(not dofollow) still Google and major search engines consider these links of greater importance and getting links from this will improve your site’s search engine visibility and also improves your traffic.Here are some answering tips to use Yahoo answers effectively.

*Post Answers In Suitable Category: 
Yahoo answers are perfectly categorized and so if you are using it for SEO services then choose the perfect category that is suitable to the niche of your blog and become a top contributor in that category.

*Be Active To Get Upgraded To Level 2:
The links that you add in your answers will be clickable only if you upgrade to level 2.You will be awarded with specfic points depending upon your participation and for great answers and you must get 250 points to reach level 2 where links you add in the answers will be clickable and gradually clickable links will double the chances to visit the link so that traffic to your site will increases eventually.

*Add Your Site Link In Reference Section:
If you have been upgraded to Level 2 then try to post your relevent post link that relates to the question in the reference section.These links are considered are more importance to search engine eyes and will help you in getting more search engine traffic and also inorganic traffic as users those who are interested in the answers will visit the link so traffic to your site is doubled.

*Post Quality And Best Answers:
Do not spam Yahoo answers with unreleated answers just to increase your points.This is not going to help you,instead post relevant and useful answers and become a top contributor.By becoming a top contributor you will be more recogonized by users and if you post link your posts for some answers as reference those post will gain more visitors.

Yahoo answers is the unique and easiest way to gain traffic and search engine recoginition and also answering to new questions will help to get some new post ideas for your blog,so use Yahoo answers effectively to get more from it.

Imran Mir

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